Sure You Want To Put A Whole Foods There?



What will they do with the homeless foraging in the aisles?
Costco makes more sense…Need a membership card, will keep out the lawless


This will have tighter security than airports. If you don’t look the part, you ain’t getting in.

I wonder how that Whole Foods by the soon to be gone McDonald’s on Haight and Stanyan by the GGP is doing with all those homeless around there? Would love to know their financials…


How about airport security at Bart stations. Half the homeless commute in to the city of perpetual indulgence.


I’ve said it before, all BART has to do is make its stations like those in New York…


No more pathetic half height glass walls or accessible emergency door exits. Pay. To. Play.



Sweeeet, in Stonestown!!! Sunset homes to double in two years as a result…:grin:


Buy your clothes on Amazon and food at Whole foods. I bet Trump goes after Bozo for anti trust.
Who knew Trump was the next Teddy Roosevelt… lol