Survey: Almost half of tech workers worry about losing their jobs because of ageism


More than 40 percent of tech workers worry about losing their jobs because of age, a new survey shows.

Jobs site Indeed also found that 18 percent of those who work in the tech industry worry “all the time” about losing their jobs because of ageism.

Why you need to invest in real estate.


Why you need to invest in condos, esp in SF. Pretty soon, BA will be filled with 20/30 somethings who want nothing to do with suburbs. :slight_smile:


I am a believer in condo! Actually I like townhouses better. You actually get to own a (small) piece of land. TH’s in SOMA are very good buys right now IMO. Prices are temporarily lower because of a supply glut. I also like downtown SJ as that area is turning around the corner finally.


Which part of the downtown SJ is good? Which condos are good?


Which SOMA condos are a bargain? What about HOAs without any cost controls and possible construction defects a la The Millennium towers? New SF condos would need a healthy haircut to be financially attractive. …thus buyers will wait


I like the area that’s within biking distance from Diridon. The new google campus will be nearby and also HSR. Two birds with one stone.

By “bargain” I mean cashflow neutral with around 30% down. Something like this would be good:


This area is really bad. Anything west of 5th in soma feels no different from bad parts of mission. :frowning:
For sj, the few townhomes near the Plant 51 condos are nice.


900k in downtown SJ will be bleeding cash dry. Can that SOMA condo be rented for 4K?


This is twice the yield of Cupertino. 2000 square footage 3Br/2Ba is now renting for 4k. Worth it to buy in downtown SJ if can get $4k rent, then rent in Cupertino :slight_smile:


Which soma condo are u referring to? Last i checked, 1bedroom condo near caltrain was going for $3500


The one I posted and you said location is bad.


Seems doable, if you work at it(?):


Totally disagree completely about millennials or Gen Z or AAA wanting condos. From what I have read, they are as cheap a generation as any if not more so. They will not want to pay high arse HOA for what, a lovely community room? Nope, SFHs they will want eventually too and if they have the dough saved to do it, that will still be preferred. Nobody likes to be told how to live, especially in essentially an apartment unit. Do you guys/gals live in condos? NO!!!


So, the guys who were hired to replace the old guys are worried about running the same fate?

That’s called Karma. :face_with_monocle:


lot of whore house operating around that area. car shops. pretty ghetto . last year i meet my friend at his house(jaspar) to the 9ers game, before entering the community, i saw a mexican dude breaking into a car. Looks nice though. and now he’s talking to everyone google coming to his hood going to change everything.


I’m not sure if it’s ageism as much as older workers tend to be really expensive. You can afford 2 college grads for what 1 principal engineer costs. Is a principal engineer going to produce twice as much? I get you need some experts, but you also need the right mix. You can’t have all highly paid experts. I’ve seen orgs where 80%+ of the engineers are principal level. Also, unless you’re growing really fast that creates a massive bottleneck for management promotions. You’ll get really high attrition of people at that level.


Soon we’ll have all unemployed 50+ landoverlords in Bay Area whipping their renter millenials for lunch money :grinning:


yeahh!!!.. tech jobs are very hard to fill… we need more tech education… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: & double H1B numbers… otherwise our Tech industry will dieeeee…

The real overlords are the corporate overlords who also run the government and media.


Capitalists want cheap tech labor and cheap non-tech labor. Older workers can be replaced by cheaper young workers here and there. It’s no secret that corporations favor immigration and favor younger workers. Cheap immigration workers have sent Trump to White House. Older worker’s problem has no political significance and nobody cares.

Is ageism also a problem in non-tech profession? Costco may pay the same for a similarly skilled 25 yo and 55 yo. Why can’t tech company do that? Are older tech workers and older professionals too greedy to demand a higher salary than simimarly skilled young workers? We should allow a 29 yo software engineer earn double the salary than a 55 yo with lesser skills


(Heard from older coworkers)Couple of decades back they would allow workers to learn new technologies on the job and run with it.

Now, you need 5 years of experience for something which is out for 3 years… (NOT a fake news i.e. for REALLL… )

Corporate overlords “heart beat is in pain” for DACA people, & oppose muslim “ban”, but if one looks closely at where their lobbying money goes, almost 100% of the lobbying money goes towards efforts to increase legal/tech immigration. :grinning: