Survive Trump’s tweets

(How investors can survive Trump's trade war tweet storms

One day the president strikes a negative tone on trade with China via Twitter (see Aug. 23), the stock market goes in the toilet. The next day — or hour — the president hints on Twitter that trade negotiations with China are going well and a deal may not be that far off. Stocks rip higher, until the next concerning China trade tweet.

A vicious circle indeed that creates headaches for those looking to plan for their financial future by building up a 401(k). The endless presidential tweets and subsequent market volatility is also eroding confidence in stocks as an asset class, says numerous pros Yahoo Finance has chatted up.


It’s an amazing time to trade options.

In reddit, people were telling “Let someone steal his phone and runaway during weekend” So that people can enjoy long weekends !!!

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incredible that there are people out there still trusting this blamer in chief.

Who he hasn’t blamed for his inept decisions? Big foot? :joy::joy::joy:

Shouldn’t affect anyone planning for their future using a 401K. He’ll be out of office by the time they need to cash in.

Seems to me you can make a killing on this if the market is predictably following his tweets.

Agree. That’s why I keep thinking in the corner of my mind this is all a grand conspiracy for massive insider trading by the people in the know. I guess we will know for sure 2 years from now

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I am just buying extra loads of popcorn watching the most ignorant president in history on his way to the impeachment process. :joy::joy:

after reading me, it’s OK PC people, run! Flag me! :joy::joy:


Love the picture. Hopefully means another 10 years without a nuclear war. I think I may have to put this one on my wall:

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If you are a communist.
Look who owns us now.

MOSCOW, Sept 30 (Reuters) - The Kremlin said on Monday that Washington would need Russian consent to publish transcripts of phone calls between U.S. President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Honestly that makes sense… Putin’s gotta go back and make sure he didn’t crack any jokes about his fellow komrades.

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I didn’t know we had Pol Pot followers on this forum?

I like the idea of the alligator moat. More attractive than a wall. Puts environmental concerns to rest. It would likely become a bird and other wildlife sanctuary.

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This is what is really going on. And why the left is so frustrated by Trump. He is beating them with their own tactics.


Good article. I’ve not read Saul Alinsky’s works, but makes sense…

Excellent summation.
And on the practical side here’s just a few day’s worth of Trump goodness. Can you imagine any other president - Rep or Dem - doing something like this?


Liberals in the Bay Area have no idea how much hatred the left has sown. In the 60s and 70s they did the same thing. The Vietnam war and the race riots caused a huge rift similar to today. Those were real issues. Today the gap between red and blue was stirred up by the left for pure political gain. Which will backfire.
The leftists lawless craziness helped elect Reagan in 1980 and Trump in 2016. Americans are right of center.
Something Warren will find out if nominated. She is headed down the McGovern trail of defeat. With Biden wounded the main stream Democrats are panicking. Their only hope is Bloomberg or Hilary.

She wants open borders
Ban private health insurance
Felons allowed to vote
Ban fracking, which means $10 gas a huge drain of our cash to oil cartels
Free college
$15 min wage, which will destroy the economy of poor states

Among a long manifesto list of looney left goodies with no plan, except an ineffective wealth tax, to pay for them. Only Bernie is further left and crazier.


In layman’s term, being brash, crude and shameless is the formula :face_with_head_bandage: