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Brisbane, you’re next!!!

Why prop 13 was created:

“Moraga, with a population of about 17,000, has 36 full-time employees. Seventeen of them make a six-figure salary, and personnel costs account for nearly 64 percent of Moraga’s operating budget each year.”

They’d probably have 3 times as many employees without prop 13. It’s amazing they gave everyone a 6% raise and 2 weeks later declared fiscal emergency. They should all be fired.

“The Town Council has complained it has a revenue problem. Cunningham said the town isn’t earning enough money because Proposition 13 keeps its property tax revenue stagnant and the lack of business growth keeps sales taxes low.”

I’ve never seen a government that doesn’t say a budget problem is a revenue problem. If I go buy a Ferrari I can’t afford, do I have an income problem? I think Moraga is one of the towns I looked at where property tax revenue was up 5% yr/yr.

In a democracy, the government is as good as its citizens. Why didn’t these concerned citizens run for office? If citizens don’t pay attention, of course the council people will fatten themselves with public money.

Government is a representation of its citizen :sweat_smile:
So it doesn’t matter who are in the government :zipper_mouth_face:

“Stupid people. Didn’t they see this coming?”


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