Swimming pool removal

Hi folks, do you know how much it would cost to remove & fill a full-size in-ground pool from backyard in Menlo Park? The intended use after the pool removal would be to plan grass or small trees there (that is not looking to construct a structure on top of it).

I used this company almost 10 years before for south san jose, single man run company, but he made it quickly and nicely and it costed me appx $10000 (small size pool, do not remember capacity).

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I paid ~$8K a few years ago. That is with some special geo permits and putting all the surface level concrete back into the hole. Hauling it away would have costed a lot more.


I make 10k for pool removal, hauling and putting a grass lawn over it. Looks to me it is a standard price.

I filled a pool about 8 years ago. I think the cost was around 6k.

Do you have side yard access to the pool that’s wide enough to allow a bobcat to drive through? I think the smallest bobcat is around 5’-6’ wide. There are smaller bobcats but too small a bobcat can’t handle the job. If you don’t have this access and have to do the demo by hand it would be much more expensive.