Tax Cuts Don't Lead To Economic Growth. 65 Year Study Finds


Blah, blah, blah.


“The buyback boom early this year confirms our view that the main use of corporate America’s tax savings will be takeovers and stock buybacks rather than capital investment or hiring,” the company said in a note.


Everyone knew that was the case. However, the percent spend on capital investment and hiring is still an increase over what would have happened without the tax cut. Investors should be cheering the tax cut all the way to the bank.



We’re on pace for record tax revenue so guess what’s causing the deficit? This is the future if there’s no entitlement reform. Medicaid, Medicare, social security, and interest in debt will take up every dollar of tax revenue by 2032. Everything else is just noise of politicians trying to score points with their base.


A centrist liberal can’t be a fiscal conservative,
It’s in the blood.

Will the Congress use the budget to shut down government again? I don’t think anybody wants to cut entitlement and becomes unpopular or hated


No, but the reality is your (not mine, don’t have any) children and their children will suffer as a result. We already see it in the jobs benefits that are leaner and leaner. People used to earn pensions, now, you would be lucky to have a 401K. Don’t even think about having company sponsored medical care…


It’ll start by means testing to eliminate the evil rich who don’t need the benefits. It’ll be sold as a way to protect the middle class. They’ll probably use lifetime income to do it, since they have that data. The key will be not indexing to inflation. That way more and more people will be means tested out. That’ll be the slowly boiled frog.


Lifetime income won’t work since some of the high income people spent all of it and become penniless when they retire. It has to be based on curent year income or total asset value.


People also live longer. We can increase the Medicare and SS age to 92, that’ll solve the problem.


Do you think the average voter will care? They’ll blame that person for blowing the money.


Imagine that, even if one can avoid the probable onslaught of robots taking your kids’ jobs in the near future, the idea of having to work even longer to get benefits is not a pretty picture…


It’s a simple math. You live so you work. No free lunch.

We can let the 80 year old to work in nursing home to take care of 99 year old.

It’s not fair for people to not work in the first 25 years and spend other poeple’s Money, only work for 40 years, then again not work for another 30 years. That’s 55% of free lunch in the lifetime. We have to let people earn their entitlement, not burdening the kids to the sky. Young and productive people can migrate, they can give up their citizenship and abandon a high tax country.


It is not how long you work it is how much money you make. Some people are just better than others at making money.


Sure. If you are good at making money, you can choose retire early, but no SS and no Medicare, buy your own health insurance. For other people, just continue work until 92.

If a person is working and needs no subsidy, that’s a good citizen. For non working ones, they are also good citizens


Federal deficit jumps 20 percent after tax cuts, spending bill | TheHill


It’s going to keep increasing. That’s how it works with our current age demographics combined with social security and Medicare.


Stop being a lackey, have your own opinion, no need to apologize for the screw up many economists including the CBO anticipated with the tax cuts. They told you that tax cuts would go certain way: Stock buy back from corporations,and no way Jose, they were right!
Have some shame, partisanship stinks when you look so stupid with deflecting the issue. Corporations took the money, and ran with it. Plain and simple, it’s economics, the wrong way.

The liar in the white house promised to lower either the budget, the deficit or the debt with those tax cuts. Guess what? He is like a baseball player, no experience, no uniform, no cleats on his shoes, trying to hit a ball while eating a sandwich. No, change it to McDonald’s.


The federal deficit ballooned to $779 billion in the just-ended fiscal year — a remarkable tide of red ink for a country not mired in recession or war.

The government is expected to borrow more than a trillion dollars in the coming year, in part to make up for tax receipts that have been slashed by GOP tax cuts.


Cool headline.

“Overall tax receipts were flat.”

“spending rose just 3 percent during the fiscal year”

If tax revenue is flat and spending increased, then what is the actual cause of a higher deficit? It’s only going to get worse as in the next 15 years the spending on Medicare, Medicaid, and social security will grow to equal all tax revenue.