Tax Cuts Don't Lead To Economic Growth. 65 Year Study Finds


Is Trump working on this quietly while making a scene with tariff?
Any plan to migrate to Singapore :slight_smile: Cost of healthcare is going to crush you.


Tax receipt fell as percentage of GDP. That’s the right measurement, not nominal dollar value. At the bare minimum it needs to keep up with inflation.


There’s no way congress will ever pass meaningful entitlement reform. It’d be the fastest way to not get re-elected. The Simpson-Bowles commission actually had a lot of great ideas, since they were all retiring. The rest of congress looked at it and said no way. It’d piss off everyone on both sides, and no one would be re-elected.

That is true they fell as a percent of GDP. Spending growth is still the monster though. I don’t get why there’s not more focus on the 7M open jobs and how do we get people to fill those. There’s more open jobs than unemployed. That’s a ton of potential income and payroll tax revenue. If those jobs were being filled at a faster rate, then tax revenue would get a nice boost.

I’ve posted all the charts before of spend vs. GDP. It’s entitlement spending that’s driving the massive budget deficits. Tax revenue as a percent of GDP has been in a pretty narrow range since WWII.


Is it me, or there’s a dumb poster that doesn’t understand the turdblicans are using the word “entitlements” to talk about the safety net Americans have “earned” throughout the years working their arses off?

Funny part? They are blaming democrats of doing what they are implementing now. :rofl:


How is the economic growth going? :scream:

Erasing the debt how much you say?:laughing:


3.5% after most economists said it was impossible for the US to grow above 2%.


growth? what the hell?

Shrinking the federal deficit, lie # 2,345

Puerto Rico’s debt should be eliminated. The idiot couldn’t even help them to avoid losing 7,000 American lives. But…Benghazi! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Lie # 7,400
Wipe out Puerto Rico’s debt. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Puerto Rico has been debunked numerous times. Locals purposely hid or withheld relief to make Trump look bad. People have been arrested over it. Notice how silent the media was about hurricane Michael which was the third largest Atlantic hurricane on record?


Who cares about people being arrested. It won’t help the 7,000 people dead because they were abandoned by a fake president playing golf instead of visiting the island as many times as it was necessary. Oh, at least as many tweets as calling people sons of a bitch.

The topic then, it’s about the lies. PR is not getting bailed out, and this country is not seeing tax receipts coming into the IRS coffers to pay for the deficit nor the debt, whatever thing you pick.

Don’t be a lackey. Enough of comments deflecting the reality that an apprentice is ruining the economy for the future of our kids. Farmers, companies, suffering right and left. Jobs are not “coming”, blah, blah, blah.

Enough of calling “entitlements” the benefits workers deserve for working hard for many years. That is insulting to the intelligence of those retirees and Americans in general.

From Jim Cramer.



If you want to blame someone for the 7,000 dead (which used questionable methodology to determine), then blame the correct people. You’re still blaming Trump despite all of the factual information available that local authorities were the ones obstructing distribution.

Deflecting? You mean providing proof that GDP growth has increased beyond what economists thought was possible. I’m not sure how/why you think some negative news negates the fact that the economy is growing faster than economists thought possible. Unemployment is at a multi-decade low. Yes, some layoffs still happen, but overall unemployment is very low. For the first time since we started tracking, open jobs are higher than the number of unemployed.


You mean blaming the republicans for not giving money to pay for the security on the embassies like the one in Benghazi?

Or, blame the golfer and commander in chief of the soldier abandoned in Niger that was chewed up by wild animals because no smart people were in the situation room watching how the military operation developed? The same soldier whose body pieces were recovered after he was buried closed casket because he was so horrible to look at? Oh, I know, that situation room couldn’t be used because the operation was developing at 3 AM. I wonder who mocked that timing? :smile::smile::smile::smile:

Again, who cares of whatever on the economy. The topic is about tax cuts doing chit for covering the debt or the deficit. GM took its money, and ran away with it, showing the finger to the liar in chief, who now is attacking free enterprise, aka the free market trying to cut tax cuts for them. I thought we had a president, not a dictator?

I thought he said Obama did wrong by bailing out GM but now he is saying GM is not appreciating “we bailed them out”? :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Stop deflecting. Cramer says it right there. Funny you didn’t watch it because it doesn’t fit your agenda. :smiley::smiley::smiley:

I love my toys.


This not only funny, but tragic. The stupidity of this president and his supporters is criminal.


The topic is tax cuts don’t lead to economic growth.

Also, they are entitlements. Only 10% of people pay enough social security and Medicare taxes to cover their benefits. Giving people more than they pay for makes them entitlements. If the programs paid back what people paid in, then the programs wouldn’t be in financial trouble.


LOL…and you believe anything this administration says and does? No brain of your own? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Trump repeatedly claimed during the campaign that the federal government was understating the real unemployment rate.

“Don’t believe these phony numbers,” Trump told supporters early last year. “The number is probably 28, 29, as high as 35 [percent]. In fact, I even heard recently 42 percent.”


Now you don’t even know who reports the numbers.


The reports? Like the CBO warning of the impeding disaster of tax cuts not producing the effects for what they were given away without any oversight?

Like…incentives to move jobs overseas, of which GM is taking advantage of, and for what the dummy signing on them is bitching about? :smile::smile::smile:

Yeah! I don’t know! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I guess now you’re broken and on a repeat loop to post the same thing over and over.


I’m repeating myself here but hiring standards have become ridiculous. We need a MUCH tighter labor market. Employers are unwilling to invest in training people who are smart and motivated but lack some of the needed skills. And criminal background checks have gone beyond reason. In this age of administrative law there are myriad ways to get into legal trouble without hurting anyone, stealing anything, or damaging anything. Even some fisticuffs - if it was a one-off in someone’s youth and bad luck that it ever got turned a legal issue - should be ignored; it always used to be. I want to see a labor market tight enough that employers are FORCED to dip into that vast pool of people who have been discarded for no good reason - and further just to test the waters. This should extend even to people convicted of more serious crimes.

Acre to candidate: So, can you tell me about your work experience and qualifications?
Candidate: I’ve been a gang member for 10 years.
Acre: And what did that entail?
Candidate: I worked my way up in a brutally hierarchical organization which financed itself through the drug trade. We overcame linguistic, cultural, logistical and legal barriers to move product across multiple continents. We developed strategies for evading or co-opting foreign, federal, state and local law enforcement. We established local customer bases and took market share from multiple competitors.
Acre: And how did you learn to do all this?
Candidate:Self taught.
Acre: And why are you applying for this job?
Candidate. I had a “come-to Jesus.” Wanted to do something worthwhile with my life/wanted to do good/fell in love with a woman who’s better than me.
Acre to HR: Can we take a chance on this guy? A 90 day probationary period or something?
HR:. No. But here’s the resume of some ditz with a sociology degree who’s too boring to have ever gotten into any trouble.
Acre: Thaaaanks.


Hiring standards are crazy, but there are still a lot of new hires that don’t workout. Imagine the churn if standards were lower.