Tax plan is coming

The real work will begin soon

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Uh oh, say bye-bye 1031 exchanges…

Buuuuuut, maybe really low capital gains taxes so selling investment real estate won’t hurt as much? I know, dreaming again…

May Trump learn from Singapore and HK. Low tax and efficient government. Remove capital gains tax and stop corruption.

I really hope they don’t do the stupid border adjustment thing. We want to make taxes simpler more complex.

Trump may announce whatever plan he wants, but it’s really up to Congress. It’s so bogged down by Obamacare I don’t think there is much bandwidth left to tackle big tax reform in H1.

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Again, the Republicans have both houses. Look at the confirmation hearings. Sure, several of the candidates were/are questionable but what happened? Confirmed. Move on. There should be no excuses or roadblocks for anything he wants.

Cabinets are easy. You usually defer to the president. But you are assuming what Trump wants is the same as what Congress members want. They may not be the same. Normally if the president is popular he can strong-arm Congress people because what all Congress members want is being re-elected. What if the president is unpopular? Then it’s less certain.

Fact of the matter is the House is having super hard time coming up with a replacement plan for Obamacare. And that’s their No.1 priority. There is a huge grassroots movement to protest in House members’ townhall meetings to shout about Obamacare. Just like what the tea party did in 2010.

Who knows, tax reform could be done ahead of healthcare. The orange man is pragmatic


Obama wasted all his political capital on Obamacare…Which was a compromise instead of the single payer system he wanted…I hope Trump doesn’t waste all his political capital on getting rid of it…That would be 12 years of going in circles. .

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But we are still waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

I remember that he would take care on ISIS in his first 30 days in the WH.

So far, for what I know, pre-existing conditions will be off the table. See ya in BK court people!

Supposedly the reason they are bogged down by Obamacare is they want to use the “savings” from killing Obamacare to fund the tax cuts. Just a theory I heard.