Tax reform is signed and final now

Kudos to Trump !


If someone is interested in retirement savings account, what is affected and what is not affected here.


Thanks for sharing some quality info that’ll help us.


For those who interested in reading the actual bill :slight_smile:
Tax cuts and Jobs act

The advice on the HSA useage is sound.

But, my heartbeat skips whenever I see advice on a Roth IRA conversion. The amounts are fully taxable during the tax year they are rolled over. If you have a large nut in regular IRAs to roll over, you’re going to get killed in taxes. It just isn’t a smart idea for most people.

The piper gets paid one way or another. They best you can do legally is defer payment.

Bold high-lighted statements are Correct.

But, those reddians, most of them from outside bay area, earn less than 100k, almost 50k-80k range. For them Roth IRA conversion at 15% (future 12%) tax bracket level is good.

For bay area people, like me, after tax 401k is the best with Mega back door Roth conversion after 59.5 years.

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The stupidity of the American politician. It was supposed to be so simple, you needed to fill your taxes on a postcard size form. Yeah, another lie.

That’s why our IULs are becoming the cream of the crop. Pay taxes on the seed, enjoy the wealth when you harvest. Zero % when the market crashes is your hero. Others? Going to cry.