Tax reform: Is that all there is?

The only thing they can agree on is that the border tax is a dumb idea. It took them months to get there. Otherwise they got nothing.


Cool, more time to do a 1031 exchange!!!

We’re screwed at this point. The lobbyists have full control of the country. You’ll never get meaningful tax reform, because lobbyists want to protect the special tax treatment they’ve won over the years. Also, everyone in Congress has companies and individuals in their district that benefit from the existing tax code. Do you really think they’re going to vote to eliminate tax rules that benefit their own district? They’ll get killed in the next election. .

Don’t forget. It took Democrats 2 years to unite behind ACA and pass it. Even then, it didn’t happen without adding tons of pork spending to buy the last few votes. Congress doesn’t vote on what’s good for the country as a whole. They vote for what’s good for their district regardless of if it’s good/bad for the country. That’s how we get so much pork spending adding to bills before they are able to pass. I guarantee they could easily pass ACA repeal if they throw in some pork spending for the last 4 holdouts on the vote. That’s why the federal government was supposed to be very small and was very small. It was until after the Great Depression.

The most useful thing Congress has done in decades was the Simpson Bowles commission. They were all retiring, so they were able to be honest. Both sides immediately rejected every recommendation. They knew they’d never get re-elected if they followed the recommendations. So we’ll just march on towards financial destruction.

No one even cares about balancing the budget anymore. The concern is if debt is growing at a “sustainable” level. We’ve been in economic expansion for years and still don’t balance the budget. The top 1% are paying 35% of the taxes. They are heavily dependent on business and stock income. The top 20% are paying 87%. Stock gains boost their income too. What happens during the next recession when the market tanks? There goes all that tax revenue, and we start running massive deficits again.

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It’s funny. The same guy who posted the CBO projections on that budget kept quiet when I posted a small section saying there wouldn’t be any progress but down the road, meaning that the results would be seen by another administration, unless the jerk king stays in the throne.

Just say it. This administration is full of boloney. All talk, but no walk. The mess out there is unbelievable.

The famous drain the swamp turned into hiring the Goldman Sacks sharks, and they don’t want to be taxed at all. The middle class is killed here. The lower class? No jobs, no incentives, which by the way are called handouts if they are given to them, not to the oil companies.

Let’s admit it, this administration is a mess. They need to retire the twitter in chief upsetting everyone. He doesn’t know anything about most everything. Period!

There’s no point in discussing with you. You’ll just ignore all data, then spin to a different topic. If blaming Trump for your problems makes you happy, then go for it.

Tax and health reform are high stake games. There are so many interest groups. Seems that it’s going to be incremental changes and not revolutions.

Slow political evolution is actually better than revolutions.

I agree 100% …I realized already !!!

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