Tenant refusing access due to covid

Getting this forum back to RE. Asking for a friend. She’s doing a refi and the tenant is refusing access to the appraiser due to fear of getting covid (the tenant has a weak immune system). What are the options here? Usually you only need 24 hour access but don’t know how things play out with this darn pandemic

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and another variant

You could have the tenant broadcast a live video which the appraiser watches.

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yah she explored that route. A virtual appraisal is ok for a regular refinance. But this is a cashout refinance and fannie mae guidelines require the appraiser to attest that he/she physically entered the property.

Also she has tried the other suggestions listed in the thread above (offering money, cleaning service, etc). Person is paranoid. The tenant actually had some minor repairs which the tenant said they can live without as they didn’t want the handyman to access the place…

I guess I lucked out as my tenants were all pretty reasonable when it was time for appraiser visit. We all agreed ahead of time that when appraiser shows up, tenants will open all windows and leave the house, then appraiser will go in with gloves and mask. When appraiser has done his thing and leaves the house, tenants will go back in so they don’t stay in the house at the same time. What actually happened was most tenants just stayed in the house, and appraiser just went in without asking them to come out.

So far no COVID reported yet.

Doesn’t the tenant go to the grocery store. If so is a hypocrite and a liar. Might have to pursue legal action. Suggest the appraisal could be done when the tenants are grocery shopping.
This should be non issue soon most will be vaccinated in the next two months.