Tesla eyes big Fremont expansion, 3,100 jobs could be created


Can Tesla move the factory to Arizona,Nevada or Texas? Bay Area might be too expensive to support a factory

This could have a huge impact on Tesla


Remember, Tesla got a lot of moola and incentives to reopen at the Nummi plant. Typical unions. Yeah, you were pretty darn happy when the jobs came back but I guess it is time for you to turn the knife a little bit? Hate unions. Useful and warranted back in the day but in this ultra competitive business environment it is a dinosaur that really needs to be killed off by a huge meteor. Look at BART and its unions. Pathetic. I remember years ago that BART had a work process rule that required two union workers to fix or maintenance a seat cushion or something pretty minor. Unbelievable…


Here is the person who wants to unionize Tesla workers

Jose Moran
Production Lead
Tesla Motors San Jose State University
Fremont, California 67 67 connections

Tesla Motors
UnderBody Team Lead, Body Center
Company NameTesla Motors
Dates EmployedSep 2012 – Present Employment Duration4 yrs 6 mos LocationFremont, California
• Create standardized Work Instructions and perform Daily Work Instruction Verification audits.
• Facilitate process training and manage a daily process rotation schedule.
• Ensure exceptional 5S conditions.
• Confirm safety and PPE compliance.
• Microsoft Office skills.
See less See less about UnderBody Team Lead, Body Center, Tesla Motors
Professional Plastics
Machine Operator
Company NameProfessional Plastics
Dates EmployedNov 2006 – Aug 2012 Employment Duration5 yrs 10 mos LocationSan Jose, California
See description See more about Machine Operator, Professional Plastics
Bryte Technologies
Machine Operator
Company NameBryte Technologies
Dates EmployedDec 2005 – Sep 2006 Employment Duration10 mos
See description See more about Machine Operator, Bryte Technologies
Nancy’s Specialty Foods
Team Lead
Company NameNancy’s Specialty Foods
Dates EmployedMar 2005 – Oct 2005 Employment Duration8 mos LocationNewark, Ca
See description See more about Team Lead, Nancy’s Specialty Foods
MJ Distributions
Warehouse Supervisor/Shipping & Receiving
Company NameMJ Distributions
Dates EmployedJan 2004 – Jan 2005 Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo LocationSan Jose, Ca
See description See more about Warehouse Supervisor/Shipping & Receiving, MJ Distributions
Kellogg Company
Machine Operator
Company NameKellogg Company
Dates EmployedFeb 2002 – Dec 2003 Employment Duration1 yr 11 mos LocationSan Jose, Ca
See description See more about Machine Operator, Kellogg Company
New United Motors Manufacturing, Inc.
Production Worker/Team Lead
Company NameNew United Motors Manufacturing, Inc.
Dates EmployedApr 1993 – Mar 2001 Employment Duration8 yrs LocationFremont, Ca.
See description See more about Production Worker/Team Lead, New United Motors Manufacturing, Inc.
Price Club
Shipping and Receiving Clerk
Company NamePrice Club
Dates EmployedMar 1991 – Apr 1993 Employment Duration2 yrs 2 mos LocationSan Jose, Ca
See description See more about Shipping and Receiving Clerk, Price Club

San Jose State University
San Jose State University
Degree Name Business Administration Field Of Study Management Informaton Systems Grade 3.13
Dates attended or expected graduation 2011 – 2014
San Jose City College
San Jose City College
Degree Name Associate of Arts (A.A.) Field Of Study Business Administration and Management, General Grade 3.3
Dates attended or expected graduation 2008 – 2011
Volunteering Experience & Causes
South Bay Youth Soccer
Soccer Coach
Company NameSouth Bay Youth Soccer
Dates volunteeredAug 2009 – Jan 2012 Volunteer duration2 yrs 6 mos
Cause Children
I worked with children from the ages of 7 years of age to 10 years of age to develop team work and soccer skills.



3,000 more jobs, more traffic. But, I believe there would be some transfers. That is, some people somewhere would move to nearby cities, which in fact can become a better deal for them than for Fremont when it comes to real estate.
I know several people working for Tesla. Pretty soon I heard, they will stop manufacturing for 10 days. The workers will somehow pay for this time off. I don’t know the specificis. They are happy though, good company to work for.

But they need a union.:joy:




Manteca and Lathrop people!!!


How much real demand for electric is there…Cheap gas, great hybrids thet get 60mpg and dwindling subsidies. .Will electric survive?..Bolt is doing poorly and S models are seeing slowing demand. .the 3 will just cannabalize the S demand…


Subsidies? States are already starting to charge an extra registration fee to electric cars. They didn’t think through giving incentives to electric car buyers. Now there’s more electric cars on the road, and they don’t pay gas taxes to help maintain the roads. Never trust the government to fix a problem. They can’t think more than 1 step ahead and always create more problems.