Tesla Passes Ford by Market Value


I was wrong about Tesla, and keep getting wrong… :cry:

Thou shalt never doubt Elon Musk.

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And wuqijun :grinning:

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Tesla represents the future, uncertain but highly lucrative if right.
Ford represents the past, certain but meh even if right.

Oh my god… even I feel like a loser now. I should’ve loaded up much more TSLA back then while I still could… who would’ve known!!!

But you know what, it’s never too late to be buying stocks :slight_smile:

Silicon Valley has eaten Detroit. We are Number 1 baby!

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There’s nothing glorious about surpassing Detroit though.

Sure. But Detroit is Motown (or used to be). All it does is make cars. For us? It’s only one of our many side hobbies. The real AI stuff hasn’t even started yet.

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Yes. We need self flying cars…

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How many people here own an electric car?

I reserved a model 3.

I pre order a flying personal transportation.

Are you at that level yet? :slight_smile:

Personally I think a hybrid makes way more sense than an electric car…Hyundai makes one that gets 59mpg…Went someone comes out with one that gets 100mpg, why buy electric? No range anxiety , cheaper price

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TSLA below 300 again. What now? :slight_smile:

Oh… didn’t take long for it to climb back over 300… very short window of opportunity :slight_smile:




It seems I MUST buy myself some TSLA…

My prediction is that TSLA will double in value faster than AAPL, GOOGL, FB, NFLX, or AMZN.