Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching




The Ponzi scheme continues.


Take my money, Elon.


Get the pitchforks out!


All this mean @wuqijun and @Jil are wise not to buy Tesla cars. $35000 is not expensive. I will wait till I see many EVs on the road, many charging stations in car parks and progress of AVs before deciding to buy or forget about cars. What is the point of owning an EV when the future is AV?


Not at all. Go buy a Tesla and enjoy. I’m just a very unique person who likes stocks more than cars. Not many people think like I do :slight_smile:


You are assigning your own reasons for our action whatever you feel comfortable!

Even if Tesla cars come to $25000 or TSLA stock comes to $250, you will not buy either! :rofl:


Tesla headed to 100

“Today I’m making one of my rare big calls: we will look back on last Friday as the beginning of the end for Tesla’s stock,” Tilson said in a newsletter distributed Monday seen by the research firm Quoth the Raven. He added that stock will be at “under $100” before the end of 2019.

“I sense that the number of investors who are losing confidence in Musk is finally exceeding those who are drinking his Kool Aid,” Tilson said.

On Thursday, CEO Elon Musk warned Tesla might not be profitable in the first quarter of 2019 after achieving two consecutive quarters of profitability in the second half of last year, a first in the company’s history. In February, Musk said the company would be profitable in "all quarters going forward


In September 2017 he closed his hedge fund, Kase Capital Management, after reporting important losses.[2]


Why should I if it will continue to decline to $100 :thinking: ?


What is AV?


It’s something he created out of his own imagination…


Audio-Visual? Autonomous Vehicle?


Um… have you looked into Tesla’s “summon” feature?

Also, I haven’t seen you making substantial investments into Google (Waymo).


If future is AV then it is likely that there are many on-call AVs on the road or park strategically to ensure fast response to a call for transport. Why bother to buy a car?


No need to buy a car, but do need to buy Tsla, because all of those oncall AVs are likely created by them.


AV is add-on to EV (Electric vehicle) or CV (combustion vehicle). AV will not replace EV or CV.
Is your question “What is the point of owning an EV when the future is AV?” valid now?

All I understand, for lot of TSLA bears, whether to buy TSLA or not, they are confused like you. I am not going to say BUY or SELL or any recommendation on TSLA.

It is left to the viewers to decide on their own, that is the best way to invest.


@Elt1’s favorite manager:

Whitney Tilson back in 2014 called his Tesla short “one of the biggest mistakes long or short of my investment career.” A few years of “sustained underperformance” later, he would ultimately shut down his Kase Capital Management fund.

But he hasn’t shut down his trash talk on Tesla shares.


Why hoard so much money and not spoil yourself a tiny bit while you’re young and able?

Life is so unpredictable.



Tesla also announced it would be cutting the prices of all of its cars 6% across the board. This worried analysts at JP Morgan who were concerned this would delay Tesla achieving a healthy gross margin of 25%. They also worried about the fact that Tesla’s electric-vehicle tax credits dwindle down to zero by the end of the year.

“Another anecdotal sign of softer demand stems from the fact that Tesla’s website Thursday evening was estimating new base version Model 3 orders could be delivered in 2-4 weeks, suggesting limited remaining waitlist,” they wrote.

Musk dodged questions about the vehicle’s margins or its demand on the call, saying that the company was “not going to answer questions like that.” He did mention that he had a “gut feeling” that demand was “probably half a million cars a year,” though.