Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


He is Swiss. The Swiss ski fast till they die.




What’s everyone doing with the current dip in TSLA prices - buy more or wait n watch?


I am wait and watch, do not have any idea when to enter, but will do it suddenly sometime near future.


Death cross. :skull_and_crossbones:


Yes, I think it’s a great opportunity to buy.




You might want to consider a trade like what @wuqijun said.

I wasn’t paying attention as too many counters to monitor :blush: TSLA had hit support, think I would do a trade. @Jil any suggestions? Underlying shares or long calls or short puts?



I got friends working at Tesla. They hired bunches of people, something normal when you are in the research and development stage.

They also had a backlog and had to deliver. On top of that, they had to fill barges full of cars going to China before they were hurt by the stupid tariff war.

They have been firing people when closing areas that are not R&D anymore. I suffer that years ago.

By the way, whoever lined up to buy a car from Tesla didn’t realize he was going to be like the guys who bought those old and heavy TVs. So many electric cars around that eventually will be eating Tesla’s lunch :laughing:


TSLA is wild on stock buys/sells. Single day $50+ or $50- we have seen. Risk is higher for Calls/Puts.

I stay away from market, including TSLA, for sometime, may be 30 to 60 days.

China+USA tariff is good for China, but really tiny impact to USA. Even if there is an agreement, no one can stop US economic slow down (Not recession).

The issue started on 09/20/2018 and not completed. This will complete in next 6-9 months.

At some point of time, during this trend, TSLA is a buying opportunity.


Any one noticed NIO after hours?

It may further go down as their expected loss 32 cents/share is widened to 45 cents/share.

It is bound to reach less than IPO price before year end of 2019


The question is did @manch buy any?


Nope. If I am in a gambling mood I may buy some. I like the Chinese guy better than playboy musk.


It is bound to reach 6-7 range or even less than IPO price before year end of 2019


No, much lower. Tesla will force it out of business.


In that case, I will monitor NIO.


Nio will eat Tesla alive in China.

Foreign tiger is no match for local worm. :smile:


@Jil and @BAGB,

Worm is not :bug:, it means :tiger2:


@hanera was right. You only trash talk and never wager. That’s why he started with much less than you when he first came but is now significantly better off.