Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Idiot :rofl:


You know what, though, he still made money himself, don’t be fooled with his sad face.


Ok he’s not an idiot, his clients are :rofl:


I hope one day I could lose a billions dollars. Others’ money of course. :smile:


That’s only his second biggest loser? Plus the interest for borrowing the shares…


Unmentioned in this letter is what Mr Einhorn has described as the ‘bubble basket’ - a selection of egregiously overvalued technology stocks that he has been shorting for the past 18 to 24 months. This basket of deplorables includes Trump’s favourite Amazon, cash-flow incinerator Tesla, and eye-ball hogger Netflix.

Dude is shorting all the wrong names. He had a small victory in NFLX even though it’s still up for the year. :smile:


Einhorn is doing the wrong thing. Shorting in an uber bull environment. He is TOO early.


He only collects fees. He can care less.


Apparently, Tesla “made it” today and didn’t “break”. :money_mouth_face:


Musk might be fired due to drug abuse.

At least Musk will take all the responsibility for his tweet and will save others the trouble.

Hope he can get treatment and can live without drugs


Cannabis fans took the news badly.

The man or woman who runs a Twitter account using the name ‘Self-appointed Pope Of Muskanity wrote: ‘The saddest thing I’ve heard on the news today is that Elon Musk wasn’t on weed when he tweeted about going private at 420$.

‘Pray, this is a hard time.’


Are you holding or selling? Or waiting for 420? :joy:


I would consider selling if Elon indeed smokes weed.


Ambient seems to be legal medicine. Why is Tesla board worried about Musk’s use of Ambien? Seems there’s untold story here.

What’s the name of the secret drug popular for Silicon Valley highly stressed people?


It’s probably the tweets while on ambien. Roseanne Barr blamed ambien for some racist tweets that got her show canceled. It’s the new go to excuse.


Seems there is no panic on TSLA, price is fairly stable. It has been more or less flat for a year.

Too many shorts so its downside is limited. It’s not as risky as it would.


It was $400 within the last week. Anyone with guts to buy puts in the $420 tweet made a killing.


I think selling $420 calls were better trades. I offered that idea to my friends here. :wink:


Wouldn’t it be the time to buy now though?


At 305 it looks like the public didn’t swallow the Musky party line.
I personally think he is a manic depressive

Tesla stock was on track for its biggest daily slump in two years as Wall Street questioned Musk’s ability to lead the electric car maker. Investors also were worried about reports that regulators were pressuring Tesla’s directors for details about how much information he shared with them.