Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Can care less when your purchase price is $35 like mine.


Is TSLA like AMD or YHOO?
Now and then, there are talks that AMD might be insolvent. Yet, still an independent company and now regarded as a must owned third leg of an AI triangle.
YHOO got bought out.


Tesla is like Enron.


So bad? What accounting fraud is Elon cooking?


The only fraud cooking is inside @manch’s little head.


Enron went on for a long time. Tesla too will go on for a while. If things are so rosy why did Elon worry so much about short sellers and manipulated stock price with fraudulent privatization claims?


My head is bigger than yours though. :smile:


Only your forehead is.


Obey the forehead:


Um… I would rather die poor… :rofl:



The law firm Keller Lenkner LLC has filed a class action lawsuit (view Complaint) against Musk and Tesla to make those investors whole.

On August 7, Elon Musk tweeted “Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.” Having started the day at $342.46, Tesla stock rose as high as $387.46. But Musk was not telling the truth, funding was not secured, and Tesla stock has since lost all the tweet-related gains and then some. Investors who purchased Tesla stock while it was inflated by Musk’s tweet are the victims of securities fraud.


Yes, but only if I also get compensated as well… :rofl:


Musk is a crook. Needs to go to jail.


Didn’t know Bezos already got hit by the bus… :rofl:


Elon Musk, What Were You Thinking?



I’m impressed… it does take time and smarts to come up with a flowchart like that. Maybe that blogger chose the wrong career. Should’ve been an engineer instead… :rofl:


Tesla is a death trap. :skull_and_crossbones:


:scream_cat::rofl: :scream::rofl:


A decade ago, there was a “charismatic” CEO who blamed the short sellers for every fault in his company. You asked him what’s your gross margin and he would have replied saying shorts are illegally taking his company down. He was obsessed with shorts. I thought it would have been better for everyone if he just did his job. His name was Marc Benioff and the company was Salesforce. It turned out to be OK.

Musk is a human just like us. He needs entertainment, he makes mistake, he has ego, he has enemies and personal grudges. The question is are his stockholders, employees, and customers happy with him.