Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Darth Vader’s style works? Time for more CEOs to adopt authoritative slave driving tactics.


Does not work with every CEO.


Heard the Tesla bathrooms are so jammed that some people just shitted on the floor. Elon is literally a shitty ceo. :smile:


There’s gotta be a class action for these fake news.


Tent city!



Can I come?


No but you can always host your own… :rofl:





Geez, our country would benefit if our “CEO” were to tweet less…



If they are mostly building versions that people don’t want, then that’s a huge issue. They must have supply issues with the versions people do want. There’s no reason for cars to spend weeks in a yard awaiting final delivery. Companies usually do that when there’s a known quality issue, and the fix is coming.

I had the joy of reprogramming a bunch of Thunderbirds when the collectible one came out. There were thousands of them at the plant and a field near the airport. The cooling fan software was wrong and could cause over heating. In union insanity, we were not allowed to pop the hood and disconnect them reconnect the battery. The union guys had to do that.


I do


Cool. Do you like the car?


The car is phenomenal. The responsiveness (both acceleration and deceleration via regen) means I can put the car where I want to on the road with much more precision than an ICE car. Car is very stable, so handles turns and high speeds well.

Seats are pretty comfortable to me. Essentially all-glass car sans frame makes it feel like an atrium. Tablet for viewing speed etc… is just fine. Some controls could be made easier. But man after you get used to it, and then go back to another car with buttons everywhere, those cars feel like a mess…

Plug in charge at home easily, so only charging concern is road trips which I have not done yet.


The reason to like the stock is if you believe in EVs. Very clearly Tesla is at the front right now. Their current vehicles have many benefits, fun to drive, cheaper to “fill up”, etc… Of course they are expensive cars. But the key to all EV cars is battery technology.

Batteries need to be 1) Cheap enough 2) Dense enough to fit into car 300+ mile range 3) Recharge fast enough

Tesla is almost there on #1, they are there on #2, and getting there on #3. Recharge times is only for road trips, right now I bet 20% of population is okay with it. If/when it drops to 10-15 mins, I’d wager 90% of people would prefer an EV, since its more fun to drive (and eventually cheaper) otherwise.

They are growing massively, over 50% YOY.
“Cash burn” sounds like an issue if it was simple wasted money, but you have to break it down. How much of that cash was spent on:

  1. Model Y SUV development
  2. Semi dev
  3. Pickup truck dev
  4. Gigafactory expansion
  5. Autopilot dev

vs wasted materials / worker overtime.

Fact is they are building an asset base that will deliver huge ROI… IF you believe in the electric future.



Care to respond to @Zeapelido’s posts???

Is your car out of the shop yet???


@BA_lurker is the only forum member with a Tesla …And is very dissatisfied…Should be a warning to investors…


Me speak only Japanese cars only…


No. We just found another Tesla owner and he/she is very satisfied.