Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


What are you implying? :rofl:




Actually, I do. There’s an ex-coworker that I am friends with. He must be in his early 50s by now. He’s a SAHD like Yoda. I don’t talk to him a lot but we do check in with each other from time to time.


Tesla’s Quandary: Can Anyone on the Board Tame Elon Musk?



Rumors of a massive energy deal with Saudi Arabia. If true, might illicit a short squeeze.





STFR if you have bought last Friday.


hmmm, now I do not wonder why Saudi took 5% stake in TSLA shares. Tesla is the first one completed in Australia, record time


Tesla Is Looking for a Manager to Handle Elon Musk



TSLA touched $250, got it again. I do not know where it ends !!!:rofl:




If it ever gets to 190 I might buy some.

  1. :smiling_imp:


88, even better :relieved:


This is the 3rd day of show down for tech stocks. I have noticed these fall season every time rate hike is announced.

This is thanksgiving sales of stocks, including TSLA, that will not long last forever, except this week.

Here, I say the same words of WQJ => Buy, Buy and Buy…


Told you would go there for sure using chart. Going to $180 is may be but if Kelong keeps tweeting and market in diarrhea, then $180 is possible. Foolishly bought some at $255.50… should have canceled the GTC purchase :frowning:

Both of you are fisher people. Go for $178.


I’ll buy some more if it ever dropped to my 2012 purchase price of $35… :rofl:


Just some twitter guy. Hard to find a less-trustworthy source :slight_smile:
But Saudi Arabia did back out of a massive $200 billion solar / storage deal with Softbank (I think). Allegedly going to be an announcement on the 18th. Imagine if that went to Tesla?



Short Seller Who Foresaw Valeant Crash Now Bets on Tesla Falling