Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


When Hollywood liberals will sell me their Malibu beach houses for pennies I will believe in Global Warming…




NASA says it causes localized warming.


Greenwashing? Paper vs electric dryers. Who cares.
You have no kids. That is the most one person can do to stop environmental degradation. Makes anything else insignificant.


Um… you got it all wrong. Our purpose is not to minimize environmental degradation by eradicating humans, but to find a way to allow us live harmoniously within our environment.


I am using basic science. You want less pollution then there has to be less people. Obvious. Of course technology can help. But it is pointless if the world population keeps multiplying. China understands it. They are the only country that had a rigid plan to reduce population. It is probably a lost cause elsewhere.

The whole leftist movement is anti human. Pro abortion, eliminate human impact everywhere. True elitists . They don’t want people in pristine natural areas. They want us all to use no water, eat only vegan and use no carbon. Sorry but their world sounds worse than prison.

To liberals what I say and think is unintelligible.

But this is what liberals think

Like global warming, fears about overpopulation have been used to gin up support for more state control over our lives, and indeed, in a very real sense, our very existence


Eastern Europe and Japan already have declining populations. China and Western Europe will follow soon. Problematic areas are Africa and India. But eventually population size will reach equilibrium.



6 weeks. Hahaha.


Tesla investors urge board to go beyond SEC-ordered overhaul


He planned it during Nov 2015 (see youtube demo date).


Not a hard spot . Let’s see it done in SF on a hill.


Panasonic Says Gigafactory Profit in Sight as Tesla Ramps Output





They don’t have that much cash or generate cash that fast. That means they’ll have to issue more debt or more equity.


Never fear. Invest away!!! :rofl:



I will listen to the interview on my next long drive.


Why bother?