Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Don’t be silly, would the sun rise from the West? :smile:


Should’ve bought some this morning. :smiley:


Yeah, nothing like promising full self-driving when there’s multiple investigations going on the current technology.


They are twisted; they like Elon crying wolf.


Technological innovation and progress will not be hindered by a few investigations. Don’t go against the flow, embrace it and you could be rewarded handsomely.


You can believe in the guy’s ability to pull a hail marry, but calling tesla’s approach technological progress is a bit overreach. Call it “technological marketing”, and we have a better story.
I too believe in Tesla long term, but you gotta see it for what it is. Pushed a technology a bit too prematurely.


We call that first mover advantage.


No that is uber, a tech that works, and grabs land. Tesla is nowhere close to an autonomous driving capability.


Tesla is a death trap. Its self driving is a joke without Lidar. It’s like driving blind. Good luck with that. Or rather, good luck to all the people who drink their koolaid. Musk already made the money selling you the lemon. He doesn’t care.


I will never let a computer drive me around , I like driving too much…Besides I don’t like being a passenger


What tech did Uber invent? A driving app? If that’s worth $50B, then Tesla is way undervalued.


Cool down :joy: Here again wuqijun vs others :rofl: Tesla is volatile monster of this decade :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Enjoying the fun !


Ok no problem. I laugh to the bank as always :rofl:

By the way, @Jil, the S&P is slowly creeping toward January high.


Is called lick the cookie :slight_smile:


Haha you probably said it at least ten times already…


Don’t know what he’s talking about. I’m still alive. But I only bought the stock, not the car… :rofl:


@Jil how you have changed…you used to be docile and now you like chaos :joy:


Let it inch forward. Until it reaches Jan 26th height (2,872.87), I am still winner , right?

From Jan 26th to till date, I am the winner !

Because I timed sell, I am 36% on stocks overall.

I do not participate actively, enjoy people are pounding wuqijun and he is as strong as retaliating them :joy:

BTW: Some of the wuqijun ideas are too good (which I stated in another post) and right to follow. He becomes the poor guy trying to Preach what an investment is and most of them here are traders, not really investors.

I am not against him, actually, but having fun with his defense !


You enjoy teasing an egoist? There is an UCLA alumni who is an egoist too, didn’t see you taunt him. Why?


When someone is right, they talk strongly ! I just enjoy the challenge he faces !