Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching



I’m not getting why this is so great. It’s basically high speed rail but underground. American cities aren’t designed for this. People will still have to get to the pickup spot and from the drop-off spot to their final destination. It’d be far more useful to build express lanes for high ways underground to reduce traffic.


Tesla Short David Einhorn Says Last Quarter Was ‘As Good As It Gets’




A woman. PR tactic?


She seems qualified, but NEVER let a finance person run a tech or car company. They’ll always ruin it.


This is my guess: Most likely her term will be max 3 years. IIRC, Elon is not allowed to be in that post for 3 years and then he can take up the position. He is still holding more than 20% of voting and it is his company mainly.


Chairperson is not running the company. Their only function is to rein in the CEO when the time comes but most are just rubber stamping everything. Totally useless position.


I just listened to it this afternoon. It’s very good actually. Musk sounded like a normal human being. I am more likely to invest in TSLA after listening but not ready yet. :smile:

He said Tesla will bring out a pickup truck soon. No matter what your opinion of Tesla the company is you have to agree Musk single handledly made EV cool and forced other car companies to play catch-up. Thus it helps the climate change cause enormously. Mankind may owe its future existence in some way to his ingenuity and effort.


10 minutes in - Elon loves anime??? We actually have something in common :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat:


Isn’t this what I’ve said all along? Give me credit where credit’s due… :rofl:


So did Daniel Zhang got promoted or strip of executive authority?

manch is a momentum trader, buy when stock price has rallied fairly high, buy high sell higher.


Wasn’t the case with FB and AMZN. He bought after they fell.


Actually he bought high and added as they rallied higher. When they fell, he liquidated low and now that it starts rallying again, he starts buying.


You mean he bought high and sold low??? :laughing:


IMO, he will wait for opportunity and buy at low.


The last two anime TV series I watched. 20 years ago? :scream:


You are dating yourself again…those are more than 30 years ago :scream_cat:

I wonder if Elon watches this one (I love it):


How old is this one?


That’s 20+ years ago. They can’t come up with new ideas and keep recycling old anime - your daughters watch this?