Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


I have been an iPhone user since iPhone 4 and I’ve never subscribed to iCloud or Apple Music because apple’s service products are second rate at best. I pay for google storage, Dropbox and Spotify every month. These are the best in class products.


Wow. I guess people do pay for these kind of services…Glad they are not super cheap like me. I been using iPhone for like a decade now and never paid anything besides the actual phone.

Hope more people pay so the service revenue and margin will continued to be strong. :slight_smile:


Relying on also-ran service products is very antithesis from Apple. Apple is always about making the best products. iPhones are clearly the best phones in the world, in ways iCloud and apple music are clearly not. Apple make money off services because it’s just the default. It’s just there and kinda good enough.


Curiosity question - what do you use to store photos then if you don’t subscribe to iCloud? That’s my only subscription because it makes sharing photos across ipad/phone/macbook/macmini so easy.


My wife takes 99% of photos because she’s a much better photographer than I can ever be. So most of the pictures are on her phones. We do periodic backup to my home NAS and Google photos. Sharing is done mostly via social networks.


Manch is fossilized, cannot teach the old :cat2: new trick :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not brainwashed by Apple. Want to maintain some independence… BTW has @wuqijun upgraded his dinosaur iPhone yet?


Not until you upgrade your residence from that ghetto Bayview neighborhood.


Fossilized practice.


Google photo has the best search capability. You can search for “beach 2014” and all photos with beach in the background from 2014 will show up. Does Apple offer anything like that?


I don’t even look at old photos… just my millennial thinking?

Share to Insta/FB, or store in phone for a bit, then goodbye.


Wait until you have kids, as your mom would tell you.


Has nothing to do with millennial or not. I look at old photos sometimes. I don’t share pictures for the sake of others, I post photos for my own enjoyment.


Older people tend to look at photos more because their best days have passed.



Wait a minute, who did you call old? Isn’t Harriet younger than you :woozy_face:


Men and women also have different timelines when it comes to aging :slight_smile:


I have had this habit since I was a little kid. Has nothing to do with aging. Nice try.


While manch and his wife spend inordinate amount of time managing their photos, I merely shoot and forget. Occasionally I look at them without doing any search since Apple has organized the photos by year, place, date, faces, …


Back to original programming. More fearmongering on Tesla :smile:


That country is so small not even worth talking about.