Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


Looks inflation adjusted.I am doing only slightly better than him.


You to escape from the tra…ppppppp :roll_eyes:


I can’t even make up for lost time. They are gone!


So your net worth is slightly over $1M?


So humble. You’re like when he is at age 34.
wuqijun is like WB is at age 36.


Slight, by definition of looking at his 10M nw at age 37…


Are you like Buffett at 36?


Wait… I thought you are only 30…


I am fuzzing. I am not giving more ideas. Slight is a approximation, what it exactly is doesn’t matter here, to anyone. It does to me :slight_smile:


WB roughly 10x every 10 years until he hit the 10B range. From that point on going got tough.


You should say, you are buffet at 88 like me :rofl: or like WQJ :scream:


@tomato is young and give things away easily. Not old and sly like @hanera :grin:


in the grand scheme of buffet whether it’s 1M or 4M doesn’t matter. 3M diff is still slight compared to 50b :slight_smile:


People do say the first billion is the hardest…


For many, for 100k savings itself hard ! I am not telling forum members…


well it does get easier to make money once you cross a threshold. Once your expenses are covered, everything over you make can go towards making more money. And since there is probably a finite limit to how much you can consume (for most people), the richer you are, the easier it is to grow your wealth more


Not just that, over that ‘my essentials’ amount (like food, shelter, education for kids, childcare etc) you begin to take more risk, and get more reward.


Making money is easier than keeping it.