Tesla’s Make-Or-Break Moment Is Fast Approaching


I’ve been comparing my portfolio against the Nasdaq for more than 10 years. It’s gain vs. the Nasdaq is pretty much even. However I added many positions along the 10 years so I think I’m actually ahead of the Nasdaq because I’ve held those positions shorter than the 10 years I used to derive Nasdaq’s gain.



You convinced me to buy VOO! I bought VOO & VFINX in all except trading accounts.

NASDAQ is no where close to return of FAANG.


Have you owned any of the FAANGs for 10 years besides AAPL?


As a group, beat NASDAQ. Individually, beat NASDAQ. It doesn’t matter whether you owned 1 or a few, still beat NASDAQ. So what is your point?


My point is that it was much easier to buy QQQ ten years ago and hold long for 10 years than handpicking the 5 FAANGs ten years ago and hold long for 10 years. You are imagining the best case scenario when even the average case scenario would be hard to strive for and stick with.

Also, did you put at least 50% of your net worth into a FANG 10 years ago? If not, then your performance also suffers due to a low starting quantity.


FANG is past tense. Buy cloud princesses?


Really, you already shunned Amazon because of Bezo’s dick pic? :rofl:


I need to see the pic to make final decisions. :smile:

But playboys are just bad for business. Just look at amazon’s stock price.


Ok make sure to consult a feng shui master before the next stock purchase… :rofl:


Cloud is one narrow sector, FANNG is also similar high MCAP tech sector, but NASDAQ QQQ (or similar) is diverse.

Whatever I said on SPY and QQQ is just buy and hold for years so that Risk is spread across, no need to look at taxation point of view (sell results LTCG). This is kind of dull investing

Simply put, It is pretty diffcult to identify which cloud company stays and grow long for 10+ years, while FAANG will stay long (but growth we never know), but QQQ will survive as underlying companies are enlisted/de-listed by experts and ETF will match those. Tax will be minimum.

VOO and SPY are synonymous, but I would prefer VOO. Long term, VOO has minor edge over SPY


There’s no expert analysis in QQQ. They simply weight all companies by their market cap and allocate according to size. Does not require any kind of an expert.




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@Jil, FOMO buy back your TSLA!




I finally made up my mind this way…
When hanera buys 100 shares, I will buy 200 shares. Any TSLA shares you buy, I double that immediately !

Until then, I do not have any FOMO.

Hi hi hi…I am out of FOMO now :rofl:


@hanera just told me that he followed my lead and bought 1000 shares.