Tesla’s trillion dollar valuation is fast approaching

Elon Musk Says New Tesla Plants Are ‘Money Furnaces’ Losing Billions

  • CEO calls Berlin, Austin plants ‘gigantic money furnaces’

  • Newly released comments came before layoff announcement

Making EVs is unprofitable, without massive government subsidies. I doubt they will ever be affordable without them

That’s not surprising. Ramping up production is expensive. Initial yields are usually awful. Apple and Foxconn don’t get enough credit for how they build and ramp new factories.


Shutdown for upgrade is reported as shutdown for Covid?

Setting up a factory in a rust belt city is recipe for failure. Bye bye bmw.

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Tesla service is terrible. I have couple of recalls on my vehicle and they’re pushing back against on one of those recalls. Ridiculous.

I have had similar issue earlier, where I had to “fight” to get the foglight covers changed(as water used to get in during rain)


How come there are still many TSLA bulls?

Tesla produces 75% of EV. Only game in town. In reality most people don’t want to own one… even the Tesla stock bulls.

Maybe Tesla had decent service back in the Roadster days but they been terrible ever since. Why is it so hard? smh

With that said, long $TSLA :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Because they make a lot of profit. High demand, and limited supply of EVs by the market for years.

Minor quality control / service issues are annoying, but cannot overcome this reality of the market.

People complain about panel gaps and small defects, meanwhile Ford and GM EVs have be be recalled because of major battery design issues.

Tesla EVs are simply the “least worst” of EVs.

Really? Koreans are going to dominate the EV market? I think they should stick with making kimchi. Bulgogi is also very delicious I must say… :rofl:

Are you trying to claim Tesla doesn’t have recalls?

Only Tesla fanatics are willing to put up with inconvenience of EV. Meanwhile owners are merely Musk beta testers. A third car at best for rich techies.