Tesla’s trillion dollar valuation is fast approaching

I would’ve preferred to get there sooner but if it does take another 7 years to get to my $100 million I would still be very happy nonetheless :rofl:

Screen Shot 2023-09-15 at 3.01.34 PM

From a TSLA bull to trading other EVs?

He lost his mind :rofl:

These people look like zombies….


They are TESLA Bots :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Tesla is officially a meme stock

Tesla is on track to become the stock that’s bought most often by everyday investors this year — surpassing even the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust, which tracks the entire S&P 500 index.

FSD should be banned… They are all potentially driverless carbombs


for terrorists and the insane. cars have to be able to detect bombs and inflammable materials inside the car, otherwise they could potentially use as car bombs. This and other possible horrible things that can happen means I won’t ride driverless robotaxi… is why I think those cultists are too optimistic.

Thinking aloud: EM could declare himself as the ruler of the Earth or else… bear in mind, he control all the Teslas and Optimus.

They can be used like drones to deliver bombs anywhere.
Now you don’t a suicidal driver… just fill them full of explosives and send them wherever…

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