Tesla’s trillion dollar valuation is fast approaching

Dumb auto companies are out performing Tesla

Dow futures over 40000…. Roaring 20s

Screen Shot 2024-03-28 at 9.23.41 AM

Difference between a new TSLA car and old TSLA car has increased or decreased after the discount?

EWT: Updated for price progression. No change in count.
Bullish divergence detected. Suspicion posted 10 days ago could be correct.

OT but I’ve always wondered why, at least on MarketWatch, the previous session close plus or minus the futures never equals the market level shown.

What does Tesla charge for FSD? How many people actually buy that option? Are they happy with it?

Troy was harassed by cultists why 2024 was not an option on the poll.


I would say it’s 2030 or later if it ever gets there. Tesla’s approach is too undisciplined. I could be wrong. Elon is a genius I heard.

Review of FSD v12.3.2.1 from a TSLA stock holder. Looks like it’s nowhere near ready.

I understand that FSD is $12. Seems like a ripoff.
Besides that $12k will get you a nice used car. My 2007 Lexus 430sc cost much less and it will probably last longer.

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Delivery is below estimate. Elon gives reasons for lower than expected production?

TSLA bulls’ estimates



View of a typical TSLA cultist…

Meanwhile Elon no longer claims market cap of TSLA would overtake the combined market cap of AAPL and Aramco. Now he predicts TSLA would have a ChatGPT moment.
I need $ talk: I am correct. I am a genius.

Joseph pours oil onto the :fire:

Adam did likewise…

Funny how high interests rate only affects Tesla but not Toyota or GM.

People who keep parroting the high interests rate line from Elon never paused to think things through.

Amit didn’t get the memo. Many have said TSLA is going nowhere in 2024. The bullish catalyst is in 2025. Earliest to buy is late 2024 (around election). In short, own TSLA, can just sit. Want to BTFD, earliest late 2024.

Surprisingly, no new low was made for such as a negative news. Probably has to wait for 2mrw reaction.

EVs’ make a lot more sense in China. Population dense urban areas with lots of people doing trips which are short and predictable.
The U.S. is just too spread out with its massive suburbs and rural areas. This will slow adoption of EV’s here whether it’s Tesla or anyone else.
Even if you live urban - is there an equivalent of folk in say Beijing heading up to Tahoe for the weekend?
Then there’s the lie that EV’s are cheaper to fuel and maintain. And range collapse on long freeway runs. The more people own them, the more obvious the lie becomes.

Just realized Huawei also has an EV.

So two phone makers Xiaomi and Huawei make cars. And Apple can’t make any after 10 years of trying.

I think Nio also makes phones.


Jason has a message to those “staying poor” non-TSLA investors who are ridiculing current lull period of TSLA.

Never underestimate the stupidity of a Tesla Bull…therefore I would buy at 100. This guy Jason is down $12m from the ATH… how much do you need to retire?.. he could have quit with $20m and lived off the interest forever even at 5% that’s $1m per year… greed is good?

His story is similar to someone else on this forum… but Jason is truly nuts. He even sold his house to buy more Tesla stock on this long bear slide. Is Tesla the next meme stock? Its followers definitely have religious fever.
Meanwhile for almost 3 years the bears are happy with Tesla stock still headed down predictably … it won’t dip below 100 though … too many fanboys… meanwhile Kathy Woods his demented sister is predicting TSLA $2000….

Tesla not doing well in China.

Elon has himself to blame. He let the Chinese companies copy his tech in exchange for cheap loans and labor. Faustian bargain.

BYD did worse. TSLA is again the number one EV company in China. So your reason for bad performance of TSLA is flawed. Again you’ve let your prejudice influences your reasoning.

It’s not just Tesla or BYD. It’s everyone. The demand for EV’s just isn’t there.
Ford pays lip service to EV’s here but the writing is on the wall.