Tesla’s trillion dollar valuation is fast approaching

Oh my, what a difference a couple months make ($5 million+ difference)


Market is forward looking. Aug 8, 88 :slight_smile: will reveal the truth.
Read up on gamma squeeze and GME.


Even if you’re a TSLA bull, if you make a negative comment, TSLA cultists would ostracize you.

You have to view any TSLA news as bullish e.g.

IMHO, there is no plan to launch Robotaxi on Aug 8. More like a vision and a timeline, may be a demo of an app for Robotaxi and a prototype of the Robotaxi. A delayed event implies either the app or prototype are not ready. I believe current models can’t be used for Robotaxi, need retrofit. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

As for the share price, I doubt it would cross $400 any time because Elon sale in previous years have yet to be completely absorbed by TSLA bulls. Should need a few more months.

Alternative count is in gray labels. Larger scale below. Price must not decline below $200.