Tesla, where are thou?

I said not long ago good luck waiting in line for that famous car. You will get an R&D car.



Tesla is in the toilet…Musks lies have caught up…It is clear that a car company is much harder to run than a technology company. .He is incapable of mass production. .Should have sold out to Apple long ago…GM, Nissan, Bmw will eat his lunch…Especially when millons of electric cars are being produced…
260 3s produced last month. …When will he ever make 500k per year? ??..The X has been a total bust…In fact even Musk regrets building that Model…

The best part is the battery pack is the biggest delay. They make the battery pack. It might be time to short it.

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190? again…dropping like a rock right now

$298. Lots more to go.

Down from 360…bear territory …

It’s below the 200-day moving average.

I got this email for my tesla registration


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Visionaries are not operational managers. To speculate that these tech companies will beat Wall Street analysts expectation quarter by quarter is nothing more than gambling. People came to the realization profitability and numbers must match stock price.

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Technology and media hype can’t cover up the fact that Musk is a liar and a huckster…

They also guided gross margin would only be 15% as the ramp model 3. In other words, it has low margins closer to a car. Tech companies have 40%+ gross margins.

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I know a guy who works in a warehouse housing stuff for Tesla. Some speakers or whatever. I told him, and I made a promise to him that I would wash his car one day after he sees those things thrown in the dumpster. Just let me know I said.

I have worked in the manufacturing industry and you never, ever buy millions of things to fit into any prototype thinking this is it. No, R&D is a process where things can change or be eliminated in a new draft of ideas.

Again, sorry for those in line waiting for that car but…just don’t wait with an ice cream in your hand.

Look around, even Mercedes Benz has an electric car, Lucid too.

The only trade I did for TSLA is to short it… make a couple of hundred dollars :grinning:

TSLA should be poaching some supply chain guys from Apple. So far, they poached only R&D guys :thinking:

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I’d poach from Honda and Toyota. Their manufacturing is best-in-class. Nissan is strong too. Even Ford and GM have better manufacturing.


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Now we are going to hear everybody not investing in Tesla.