Texas' Property Tax Mess

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This is the flyer of a Democratic lieutenant governor candidate. Are you his campaign manager?

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Crappy Democratic flyer to mislead fools.
State expenses have to be funded by tax, if no State income tax then other taxes such as property tax has to shoulder the shortfall. Simple logic made convoluted.

Democrats will give you a hefty tax increase and a draconian rent control. It’s funny that a Democrat is acccusing republicans for heavy tax. What a joke

Property tax isn’t even a meaningful source of state revenue.


2010 revenue = $35.3B
2016 revenue = $48.5B

That’s 4.6% annual growth rate. So remind me again why revenue is the issue?

Sales tax is a major source of revenue. Nevada has 80% of their tax revenue from sales tax. Arizona 60%.

Property tax is a very small percentage of the tax. Oregon property tax is really small, only 0.2% of the total tax revenue. California property tax is only 1.6% of the total revenue.

So property tax is negligible and let’s repeal property tax and increase sales tax by 0.5%. This validates my long held opinion that property tax should be repealed.

Property tax is usually collected locally not at state level. If you don’t like property tax, then change to public affairs tax or whatever make you comfortable. City needs money to run their services.

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