Thank You, IRS?



Uh oh, what does this mean???


Soon we’ll all find out if taxes are actually better or worse under the tax reform. No more speculation and misinformation. It’s easy to compare marginal tax rate yr/yr if you didn’t have any major life changes.


The answer will be different for everyone.


For BA people not paying AMT last year they will likely pay more this year. And many didn’t have enough withholding. Payment shock for many.


99% of America won’t feel sorry.


Quite a few states on east coast like MA and NY are on the same boat, and GOP got punished in midterms partly because of that.


It will only impact a tiny percent of people in those states. Most of SF should celebrate. It’s way better for renters.


We did our taxes. We were better last year. We lost $500. That would be worse if it wasn’t for the $2K per kid.

My tax guy told me he has bunches of his clients waiting for a miracle from the democrats because they are losing so much money, and instead they have to pay, something they never did.

Losers are liars.