The 30 Most Fun Places to Live in the U.S

You know you love listacle. Here is one for ya. I will spoil it for you guys so you don’t need to click 35 times.

6 LA
5 Seattle
4 Charleston
3 Portland
2 San Francisco
1 San Diego

So SD beats us…

Some honorable mentions:

25 Fresno
23 Sac
19 Orlando
10 Santa Rosa

On Santa Rosa:

Best Places to Live 2016 Ranking: 62
Metro Population: 491,790
Median Home Price: $495,500
Median Annual Salary: $49,800
Parks Ranking: 15
Restaurants Ranking: 2
Shopping Ranking: 1

It’s no surprise that the heart of California wine country is one of the Most Fun Places to Live – and one of best places to find a great restaurant. With more than 1,000 restaurants for a population of less than 500,000, it ranks No. 2 out of the 100 metro areas on the list. But, of course, that’s not the only reason Santa Rosa is a fun place to live. A bevy of shopping venues lands it at No. 1 in that category, and the city ranks 15th for its 120 parks spread throughout the area.

Columbus, Indianapolis and Fresno. …give me a break…Fun for who?


What a travesty!!! San Jose, not on there Fearless #1 San Ho Cheerleader??? Pretty sad when Fresno takes you down easily…

It’s San Francisco Metro, which includes San Jose of course. Without Peninsula and South Bay it will be a Chinese food desert here… :cry:

That is not exactly correct, Sir. Please do not include lowly San Ho with the Fab 7x7…:grin:

Most people would consider San Jose to be “The City” and san francisco to be its suburb. That’s ok. I’m moving to San Diego later this year. I’ll give you regular reports from the nuber one city in the USA.

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I have never, ever heard this in all of my life living here in the Bay Area.

Now you do. Haha.

Let’s go that San Francisco slide and read what they wrote there:

2 San Francisco
Best Places to Live 2016 Ranking: 9
Metro Population: 4,466,251
Median Home Price: $646,250
Median Annual Salary: $64,990
Parks Ranking: 17
Restaurants Ranking: 5
Shopping Ranking: 32

SF+Oakland+Hayward will never give you a population of 4.5M. So beat it punk. By SF they meant the entire Bay Area.

Retiring in SD? That sounds super nice…

Well, think about it @manch. San Jose is known to be the largest city that no one knows about. Rememer that? Do I need to send you that link or links again??? So, if that is correct, your pathetic city actually brought DOWN the average scoring. Thought you said you were an engineer…

Here, you go…

@sheriff, I hope you continue to visit here…

SD is a great city. Price was risingly a little slower there. Maybe a good time to sell SJ and buy SD?

San Diego may be ground zero if Trump declares war on Mexico…

I think El Paso is more likely ground zero…

Could be, but nobody wants to live in El Paso anyway…San Diego is number one for fun…and it ain’t cheap…Shit happening at the border could definitely hurt the San Diego property values. …Any war will be about trade and immigration not a shooting war…But in any case border towns could suffer huge economic losses and massive delays at border crossing…As it is it takes 2 hours to get into the US by car already, unless you have the special sentri pass…

The program can save a person time in the stop-and-go border traffic. One Tijuana resident, can attest to the long wait times since he crosses the border five days a week to report to his job in San Diego. He has reached the point of fairly easily determining his wait time, by the point where he first meets up with the border traffic. His daily crossing time fluctuates from a low of an hour-and-a-half to a high of three hours. The Baja Bound staff have tried it and commented that the new app has provided accurate information. If it is incorrect, it has usually been that there is a better wait than the app stated. Other commuters are rating the system with five stars using such terms as “Awesome,” “Super app,” “A gem of an app…eliminates the guess work!” and, “Fantastic way to save time.”

Border Crossing App
Border crossing time is an important consideration for various reasons. For example, one study conducted by the San Diego Association of Governments along with Caltrans, determined that excessive waiting times at the border causes $2.5 billion in losses, annually, to the San Diego regional economy. In addition, the report determined that the commercial crossings into San Diego County cost the county $455 million in annual revenue loss due to the resulting reduced freight

Love sd too