The 50 San Francisco Tech Companies You Should Know in 2020

San Francisco is the global tech industry’s center of gravity. Its companies collect, protect and analyze much of the world’s data. They equip machines with the capability to do our work for us, both in cyberspace and in the physical world — and create whole new professions in the process. They build digital portals that take us into new worlds, all without leaving our living rooms.

And as tech has boomed over the last decade, the media has closely covered the rise of giants like Salesforce, Twitter, Airbnb, Stripe, Instacart, Lyft and Uber.

But you know all about them already.

So instead, we’re taking this opportunity to introduce you to 50 small and mid-sized San Francisco tech companies that you should know, but may not have encountered in your tech media travels. All are headquartered within SF’s city limits and have been around long enough — they’re between two and 10 years old — to be making an impact on their industries. As a group, they are well-funded, have notable leaders, and are developing some truly innovative technology.

In short: they’re all companies that San Francisco tech watchers should keep an eye on.

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I used to play basketball with one of the founders of Airtable every Sunday.

Emmet, nice guy, intelligent, soft spoken.

Initially only Good at driving but his jumper improved a lot

Why don’t you ask the Airtable guy if you can invest in his company?

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Hmm good question. I don’t know. It never really came up…
Knew he was involved with the company but never talked more about it. Just talked about basketball mostly. Maybe I missed an opportunity for 100x/1000x…

The group disbanded half a year ago. Good group of guys, mostly techies with some lawyers and finance guys mixed in.

don’t forget us :star_struck:

Damn… missed my shot. Should’ve been more friendly in :basketball:

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