The cost of buying a home is rising three times faster than the cost to rent

You feel like million bucks (literally) if you have a million bucks in your bank account.

Time to show us your bank statement again. :smile:

Dream on

Would think do but is not sluggish yet, merely slowing growth :grinning:

Many places not just BA. Once sentiment change, prices would stall, rent would increase. Sentiment is still bullish😞

Agree. Good for us :grinning: We don’t want that many tomatoes :tomato::rofl:

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I tried to locate the post where I posted the million dollar bank account. But I couldn’t find it anymore… :scream::scream_cat:

But not to worry… I will post another in due time… :rofl:

Exactly my point. Marriage is not a financial optimization. If it wrte no onr would marry.

Um… what about all those gold diggers? They certainly “optimized”…

There’s not a lack of buyers. It just means the property owner vs renter wealth gap in major cities is going to get even bigger. Major cities will become 2 class societies.

Most people don’t buy until they have kids. It’s for stability and having a place to raise a family. Most single people rent regardless of price/rent ratio.

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Is this south bay? Where I am at the going rate is around $4K/month for houses in that price range.

Yes in south bay.

South Bay is pure appreciation play. You will need deep pockets to counter the negative cash flow.

or money parking.

None of us here are rich enough to do that.

A house sitting empty for a long time is open invitation for squatters.

I’m sure you can park your money in a 3M$ house mortgage free. whether you want to do that or not is a diff. question.

I do want that. Someone please adopt me and will me that money… :rofl:

In my hood, a house, not an apartment, a house, well painted and yada, yada, 3 - 1 1/2 was rented for $3,300

House sold 6 months ago in the $800Ks

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Come on, my San Bruno house is pulling $4500 per month combined and frankly we could have gotten more if we weren’t doing a favor for someone. The seller told me he was getting over $5k already and thought if I pushed it I could hit $6k, but I thought he was kidding. Guess not…