The Death Of Retail


Wow, Sam the Realtor has a pic!!!


Sam is fearless. :rofl:

I’ve talked to him a few times, he just doesn’t know. :rofl:


All realtors have pictures… Most are photoshopped and 10 years out of date…lol


No, really???



Doesn’t show the elevator shoes… lol
Stanley is relect from the fifties, he should be preserved in wax like Elvis or Lenin… lol


I thought Sam already had a pic before, but not a recently taken one haha


Jesus Christ!

Surgery was indeed applied here. Not the scalpel type, but the photoshop one.


Reason 100 why I hate Amazon
Wife just had a delivery of a Samsung
Tab A pad
Amazon delivered yesterday and it sat out all night in freezing weather. ruined… what a waste… Amazon is supposed to text on delivery. Worthless business model…








Umm, if you can’t beat’em, join’em?



Just install their lock so they can let themselves into your house. Seriously, though, a little personal responsibility. If you were expecting a delivery of sensitive electronics, maybe you should have checked before you went to bed?


I hate delivery period. Sears ruined my Saturday. Said they would deliver a refrigerator from 9-11… at an apartment I own. After 8 calls to their Filipino call center they finally admitted at 5 they never sent out the truck. Lied to me 8 times.
Then had gall to make me reschedule. I canceled the order.
Still haven’t received credit. Went the local Kmart tried to get the store model on the floor. They told me I would have order it online. I told them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.


Amazon is incompetent and couldn’t be bothered to ring the doorbell, so give them a key instead? Don’t think so.

Just send the broken item back, and get another sent asap. Amazon loses.

But you’re right–I always check to see if there are items on my porch before I go to bed.