The Death Of Retail


Walmart is 40 min away… Amazon is a few clicks away
Too much temptation for shopaholics


What are the purchases? AFAIK, women love to hoard bags, shoes, belts, socks, clothes and jewelry. She is hoarding something else?


I don’t know, what kinda o junk…Just quoted the boyfriend…All in piles on the floor…disgusting

There was lots of junk, like a used couch, in the yard…Boyfriend said he would take it to the dump…Instead took it to her new place and dumped it in her yard, she probably refused to let it go…White trash…It seems the poorer you are the more likely you will hoard junk…I think this young girl has mental issues…She is 21 or 22 with two kids and 2 dogs, destined to live a life of poverty and despair…





I don’t know, but I seem to have forgotten something that long ago was a discussion in congress or anywhere else. MONOPOLY



For a long time, I thought only Sears or JCP would fail but not both. Whoever failed first would be a boost to the other. It would be similar to how circuit city failing gave best buy a boost. Now it’s clear they are both run by management teams that are too incompetent. They’ll both fail. I think Macy’s might up in a winner, since the remaining Sears and JCP customers have to shop somewhere. Macy’s has the biggest footprint to be a replacement.





I remember similar reports about fracking. They were able to dramatically lower their cost per barrel. I don’t think retailers have similar levers. Retailers without debt would be wise to put pressure on the ones with massive debt. It’d be an easy way to force your competition into bankruptcy.


Joining the pack of lone wolves pretty soon. I hope nobody invested in this company…ready for the drums?


OMG, where are all those supermodels gonna go???



It’s similar around here. There’s quite a bit of ground floor commercial vacancy in taller apartment buildings. They were all designed 1st floor commercial with residential above.


Time to think about how to convert those to restaurant or residential spaces…


It’s everywhere. The most exemplary situation I can relate is the Alum Rock area. They revamped the area, they spent $ millions on the new transit crap, but brand new offices are still vacant.


If you think Dollar Store, Walmart, Costco, and Kmart will be gone there are still street hawkers. The question is how many use credit card, Apple $, Paypal users ?
Wives will go bananas not allowed to touch, shop or look not buying? Order a new car from Amzn and it will deliver to one’s home?