The Death Of Retail


Some big box retailers match Amazon prices. Go there and show them the Amazon page, pick up your items immediately.


Another one bites the dust…


Silly me. I thought American Apparel already folded years ago? How come they are still around?!!


Our fav store with the bullseye…


How about some good news??? Why is the market so positive despite these possible dark clouds? You can say what you want, but thousands of people out of jobs will impact our economy in a very bad way…


I guess the market is just salivating over the promise of tax cuts and gutting of regulations. But so far they are just promises with zero details. We are in the “buy the rumor” stage. God help us when we get onto the “sell the news” cycle…


This group will be ready.


People, leave your comfort zone. USPS has been delivering Amazon for quite some time.
Amazon and other retailers, use the scheme of “free shipping”, which is embedded in the price no matter what.
I used to sell on Ebay, say an $8 item, they would buy 3 of them, I had to deduct some $ from my shipping charges to make them happy. I would end up paying $10 in shipping for the items. $14 profit. Now, my items are free shipping, they just don’t know they used to pay for it.


Saw this chart just now. Why does America have so much retail space? That doesn’t sound right. Time to short retail REIT?


There’s a reason Americans save a much lower percent of their income than other countries. Combine that with our growth of costumer debt and you get that chart.

The whole “services” based economy is just a fancy word for debt based economy. There’s a reason our debt levels have sky rocketed as we’ve transitioned to a services based economy. China is experiencing the same thing. It’s all smoke and mirror BS. It only works if the credit limit keeps increasing.


Another long time retailer…


Thanks for coming, and keep playing!


Man, at this rate you may have to change your name @buyinghouse


Because it’s our culture–we like to buy stuff! We like sprawling, supersized stores, and we have the land to build them. And it fits in our the suburban lifestyle. You don’t see a large store in Paris because:

  1. There’s no space
  2. It’d feel weird to have a large store because there aren’t any
  3. It’s not in their culture.

Could you imagine Walmart or Costco opening in Paris? It’d probably get shut down by protestors.


We will see… Costco is opening a store 15 miles south of Paris.

I have shopped in huge stores in the South of France…If the prices are cheap people will shop there…afterall Ikea is very popular in Europe


Ok. Fair enough…

Though are IKEAs in Europe like the ones here–a big maze of twisty passages all lined with crappy stuff? Or are they smaller and easier to escape from? :slight_smile:


Ikea sucks, period. .But it is cheap. …must be the samе in Europe…I still like their horsemeat balls though…lol
Size varies but seems similar


I am cheap and I love ikea. :slight_smile:


IKEA started off as a mail order operation with successful logistics… .the name came from the founder’s initials and his address. The maze-like stores acted like an interactive showcase which drew in customers. Kind of like Disney World now…


The maze makes me physically ill…My Russian wife likes the place…reminds me of shopping in Russia…Order from one window, pay at another, pick up somewhere else…I want to pick up an item pay and go…waiting in line sucks…