The Death Of Retail


Nothing wrong with IKEA as long as your expectations are in alignment with what you paid for the stuff (which was probably practically nothing). I have used some of their drapes for rentals. Worked beautifully. No more expensive custom made commercial quality drapes. Why?


They are the exact same.


Big bad Amazon is mentioned again…

My question still is, Why is the stock market currently not even blinking an eye as daily reports of troubled retailers roll off the presses? Surely, if a few thousand workers get whacked pretty much at the same time won’t that cause the economy to tank?


Won’t unemployment be roughly equal to what they were making? Maybe people think they’ll easily get other jobs? Warren Buffet just said retail is a really tough business to figure out. Clearly some retailers are missing the mark. Overall, consumer spending is higher, so there must be winners somewhere else.


Well, you are talking about lower skilled workers being laid off. They may not find work that easy esp if retail is dead. And if a lot of them go out at once, I am thinking the economy will feel it.


I suspect it’ll be less than you think. What’s their disposable income?


Look at the present administration folks. They are cutting the safety nets that used to catch people in distress. Without them, what’s available? More jobs? From who? The so called president? Really?


What has been cut?


Granted, the stock market has been quieting down as of late but why is this still not a major concern? We can’t have thousands of workers laid off soon at once without any rippling effect on the economy!!!


Sleeping at the wheel lately? Trumpcare, worker’s rights, cutting social security in the horizon, etc.


I believe that the famous bubble doesn’t burst day by day, it comes unexpected and when it does, nobody has time to blink.


I saw a recent article about retail. It said the real threat to retail is off-price or discount retail. Macy’s is trying to counter it. Instead of leaving merchandise in place and discount it, they’ve created a discounted section in the store. They are also launch a new off-price store concept. Consumers are now conditioning to expect discounts and not pay full price. That’s why JCPenney’s fair and square pricing was an epic fail.


I actually read things and don’t form emotional opinions based on click-bait headlines.


500 workers to be laid off in Jacksonville.

ESPN Expects to Lay Off More Talent in Cost-Cutting Move - Variety

3 days ago … ESPN expects to cut its talent ranks as it continues to look for ways to cut costs in a more challenging operating environment.
ESPN layoffs to hit on-camera personalities - Mar. 6, 2017

4 days ago … ESPN is expected to layoff several of its on-camera personalities to cut costs. … by Ahiza Garcia @ahiza_garcia March 6, 2017: 4:10 PM ET …
GM to cut another 1,100 jobs - Mar. 6, 2017 - CNN Money

4 days ago … GM laying off another 1100 in fourth layoff in recent months.
Layoffs | New York Post
February 27, 2017 | 8:56pm. Mike Mayo, an outspoken Wall Street analyst who was often a thorn in bank CEOs’ sides, was laid off with about 90 other people on …
Lowe’s Will Lay Off More than 500 Workers |
Layoffs at Lowe’s are hitting the home improvement retailer’s headquarters in … Feb 22, 2017 … The company announced it was laying off 430 people from its …
Oracle Layoffs 2017: Tekelec, Communications Staff Cuts …
by Joe Panettieri • Mar 8, 2017. Oracle (ORCL) layoffs have hit the former Tekelec team in North Carolina, according to WRAL TechWire. Specific headcount cuts …
Railroad company CSX to lay off 1,000 in management - USA Today
Feb 21, 2017 … 21, 2017 | Updated 1:17 p.m. ET Feb. 21, 2017. CLOSE. Skip in Skip … The layoffs include positions both in the field and at CSX Corp. (CSX) …


Funny, I saw a lot of online articles saying that 2017 will be great for remodeling. If anything, I was thinking Home Depot and Lowe’s would be doing well or in anticipation of that market feedback…


Aren’t they both near all-time highs?


That may be but @buyinghouse has that link showing Lowe’s laying off folks…

Lowe’s Will Lay Off More than 500 Workers |

Lowe’s Will Lay Off More Than 500 Workers

This is the second round of layoffs at Lowe’s this year

Layoffs at Lowe’s are hitting the home improvement retailer’s headquarters in … Feb 22, 2017 …


@buyinghouse None of those articles are related to the cuts you mentioned (Trumpcare, worker’s rights, or social security)… What’s your point in posting them?


500 is what percentage? I’d venture to guess they are hiring more than 500. TImes change and companies have to adapt. They are always laying off in obsolete areas and hiring to invest in new growth areas. If you don’t allow that, then you get Japan.


Usually there is an early warning that many people ignore. The most recent financial crisis is preceded by the Barclay collapse. Nobody give a damn. Then suddenly everybody panic when Lehman failed. Trump’s customs ban might be the early warning, and the EOs on H1Bs might be the event that make people suddenly panic. I’m not wise enough to see around the corner till it becomes clear to everybody. Can you?