The Death Of Retail


Should Amazon be worried???


Overall, retail sales were 0.4% higher. Clearly, there’s a shift happening between which retailers are getting those dollars. Walmart is huge with amazing purchasing power with vendors. It’s the last mile logistics that they’ll have to perfect. Amazon is going away from traditional carriers more and more. It’ll allow for differentiation of offering.


I don’t know much about retail. Off the cuff, perhaps, the target market is different. May be Wal-Mart market is lower income and cash buyers? Just pure speculation, no evidence.


The flip side of fewer brick and mortars…


Someone forgot to tell Best Buy who’s up 21% on earnings beat.



Redeveloping the land could help the housing shortage which is now a nationwide problem.


Yeah, I suppose we will see some retail shrinkage in even shopping districts like Union Square. Sure, hotels and tourists may still keep some of it afloat but a lot of it might not survive. To me, it never made sense to have a separate Macy’s men’s store. Women’s, yes, since hey women do shop quite a bit. Oh well, more condo hell for us. It already is pretty funny (or sad actually) to see old movie theater buildings converted to housing. Yes, fire stations too…:slight_smile:








US retail sales were $4.785T last year. Amazon’s retail sales were <$100B. Amazon is 2% of retail sales, and ecommerce is still only 7% of the total… There’s something else at play besides Amazon taking market share. We have way too much retail square footage in this country. There’s no way for retailers to be profitable with their fixed cost structure. All that retail square footage is expensive, and they have to pay employees to staff it. Most retailers over expanded, and now they have to scale back to an affordable foot print.


Exactly. Not enough traffic. Too many retailers. Can’t these guys think of other business ventures? Also, need to move with time. For example, instead of just selling buns, do like 85 degree. Add some services to the boring selling. Instead of just selling clothes, … any1 seen any successful physical store clothes retailer?


I think women are starting to shop like men…Men hate shopping…Women shop and spend the money…If women start shopping like men, then retail is screwed…Women are working more and have less time to shop, plus branding doesn’t sway consumers like it used to, the cheaper the better these days…and work place clothing is much less formal and much cheaper…


Silicon Valley destroyed retail. Workers in Silicon Valley work all day and do not shop much. If they do shopping, most likely online.

Silicon Valley destroyed many industries and destroyed many innocent people’s life. If AI is mastered by Silicon Valley, humanity will be at risk :wink:


Do we need that many humans to be sustainable and for diversification? 2000 years ago, only have a couple of hundred of millions.