The Death Of Retail


I call BS…Home depot plans on hiring 80k this year…20% increase to its 400k current work force…There are shortages of labor everywhere. .If Trump actually deports 3m, there will be even greater shortages…There are currently 5m jobs waiting to be filled, more than the total qualified looking for work…Wage inflation is coming soon. .
5m jobs open.
7.5m job seekers. .Half as many as in 2009


Of course nobody can see the chit hitting the fan until it sprinkles you.

One thing I know nowadays, we are living in a world where the current administration is living in an alt-ered world, everything is about “we are going to be good folks”. Everything is “fake news” if you challenge anything from them, so…I would be very conservative on taking anything coming from them as the word of Christ.

Remember, this administration is not for the poor, it’s for the rich, and they are fighting nail and claw for their piece of cake.




Don’t we have twice as much retail sq ft per capital as any other country?


We have waaaaaay too much retail space.


Americans need more space…In Montana if anyone comes with in pistol range they are considered a threat…lol
Went the local hardware store today…20000 sf. Nobody else in there. Cramped retail space means high rent and less sales…Space matters


Smart and final is the worst. Aisles so narrow there’s no room for staff to re-stock at the same time shoppers are trying to shop a given aisle.


Smart and Final is great in Tahoe…cheap rents…more space…South Lake now has 6 large grocery stores with a whole foods coming and Costco, Wallmart 30m away in Carson…And some small asian and mexican specialty grocers. …All for 30k residents and about 300k tourists… The Raleys at the Y is the biggest grocery store I have ever seen…The staff ware headsets to deal with the hoards of tourists…I have seen fist fights in the parking lot over space…I dont often shop there… Us locals go to Smart and final, Grocery Outlet and Costco. …gas there is 50 cents less…soon to be 75 cents less thanks to Jerry Brown…Lots of my old fart friends are becoming tax refugee and moving TO NEVADA. …Some didnt like the winter and are moving to Carson Valley


I keep repeating it. The future of the working class is going to be based on robots, drones and delivery.




Oh good, wifey has one fewer place to shop at…:slight_smile:



There’s real opportunity here. Consumer spending keeps increasing. That means for every retailer failing, there’s another consumer company taking those sales. The real question is who’s taking the sales from failing retailers.





I think is because value added by the stores is very low. Their advantages of small package suitable for family and convenience of location are eroded by online stores with speedy distribution.


Ok, THE MAN has confirmed what we have been discussing for some time now…


Me still going to Home Depot, Target, Office Depot, Orchard Supply and Costco. Of course, other pure grocery stores too.