The Death Of Retail


SF requires some new condo buildings to have 1st floor retail in locations with good retail potential. However, many of the 1st floor commercial space has a hard time to land a tenant and often stay vacant for a long time.

But I think when shopping mall is closed, they can build high rise condos on top of the mall and keep 1st floor for specialty retail, or recreational space. Maybe each building can have a gym, a restaurant, a kindergarten, an after school care, an assisted living, a long term care, a pet hotel, an Amazon drop store, some specialty stores.

But that would require high density and that model would a density of HongKong. Even Paris and London maybe too sparse for this model to work


Ah yes, politics. I’m a fed who works at one of the science agencies that The Donald wants to significantly cut. DC, aka Chocolate City, is OVERwhelmingly Democrat. Hilary received close to 91% of the vote in the 2016 here. Donald barely scratched 4%. Drain the swamp, eh??? Needles to say, The Donald has very little support or sympathy here. I’ll keep an eye on future political posts here…

I guess time will tell all on the pop-up stores. They seem to keep it fresh by throwing weekend events to bring in more people over here. I think there’s something unique to millennials wanting an experience when they shop and I’m hopeful these gimmick pop-up stores gain traction here and other places. Maybe this similar Airbnb’s strategy to offer “experiences” to the younger set?




Bankruptcies R Us!



How long do we expect Amazon will keep its free pass in killing retail? Sooner rather than later regulators will wake up to the fact that Amazon is putting millions out of work.


No more toys for you, Johnny… besides, Uncle Manch wants you to hit the Algebra early anyway…


I forgot to copy and paste the link, but there’s another chain store closing, forgot its name.


Don’t worry, more are certainly coming…:wink:


Our retail sq ft per capita is still way out of wack. There’s a chance to redevelop some of the retail land for housing.



Malls screwed up the day they migrated from a place for suburban wives to a place for teenage kids. Teenage kids have LOTS of free time to hangout, but they don’t have a lot to spend.


As the famous saying…It’s the jobs!
The malls over here in San Jose are busy. Milpitas busy, so, it’s the jobs!

All the spoiled kids are there buying chit made in from China. Oh…wait! I thought Made in America? :crazy_face:


Man, talk about cold…


Amazon is not only killing local retail it is also inabling shopaholics…Just had a tenant move out…She spent herself and her boyfriend out of house and home literally. .A millienal hoarder…House was filthy and full of useless Amazon purchases. .They split up…basically because of her irresponsible spending…Couldn’t afford the rent…Now she is broke and soon to be homeless with 2 kids…Mom and Dad won’t even help her…and only one of her baby daddys pay child support. .


LOL…plenty of hoarders around. Me included…:rofl:




She could’ve gone to Walmart and done the same thing. It’s not Amazon’s fault. It just enabled her to get less exercise doing it.