The Difference Between Living in New York and San Francisco

Fun thread. I’ve never lived in NYC so can’t comment on it.

I’ve been out of the dating scene for a long long time, but being a guy without a GF in SFO sucks??

In NY you deal with freezing temperatures every year while in SF you deal with earthquake couple times in your lifetime.

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Fire or ice eh?

Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice…

Most of my cousins are in NY and live in the outside Manhattan boroughs (areas such as Queens, Flushing, Forest Hill, and Brooklyn). Each time I go back there, I enjoy it more. It is kind of cool to go somewhere where you can get a fine meal at 3am because the economy and number of people awake at that hour can support it. Let’s be honest, the Fab 7x7 is fairly small and tends to shut down fairly early. You try to find a good to great restaurant in SF that is open at 3am. Not gonna find one. But, with that said, the mass of people there would be just too much. I seem to recall the bridges being packed at all hours. The city, Manhattan, can be also pretty gritty. Obviously there are areas that are quite nice but to me a lot of spots are kinda like 5th or 6th and Market Street. You got the brick buildings with the roll down doors for the store fronts everywhere. I’ve only gone there in semi decent weather (weddings mostly) but I bet it can be an extra grind in blistering summer heat or freezing winter and needing to go to work in Manhattan from the boroughs. Here, the weather is fairly mild and consistent but the traffic is starting to resemble places like LA or NY.


I miss my days back in Ct, and NY. That was when I could see and meet people with a heart. I met people, specially this guy trading for a living, who in his bad days would make $20K treating me with the respect all immigrants deserve. Riding the train, people would chat with you, say hello, you may have had rubbed your back against a billionaire on his way to Wall Street.

Over here? Anybody with a $1M home doesn’t know the principles of being polite, not responding to my good morning, how are you, etc. And they think they are rich to behave like that, if that’s allowed.

I miss the days when after trimming roses, or mowing the grass, a swimming pool and cold beers were waiting for me thanks to my boss Michael O’Grady, a fine and down to earth Irish guy (RIP). Over here? If I get to drink a beer across the street with my Filipino friends I call it a lucky day. :joy:

LOL! When I rode the train in Boston, people told me that they knew I wasn’t a native because I actually talked to them.