The Excelsior Rocking The Overbids!


Ok, another Excelsior home almost hitting $1k/sq ft…


Come on, 1.4M list price for this in the Excelsior???


Oh geez…the listing agent called this a cash cow…


Well, it is a cash cow…for the seller!!! Let’s see if the market drinks the Kool-Aid or not…


This remodel is so cheap. I would think twice before putting the words “tasteful remodel” in the listing description if I were the agent. But then that’s why I can’t be an agent.


What, you mean you have a problem with that free standing, old school, white refrigerator that doesn’t match the counter top or sink and def seems out of place? :grinning:


When I look through the pics again, it seems like they went to Home Depot or any of the Asian suppliers and bought remnants to use in their “tasteful” remodel…

If this goes for well over asking, Houston, we have a problem…


Geez, 2k of my closest work teammates have a day of fun yesterday and crap like this happens…

251K over asking in the Excelsior!!!


1.2 us normal in excelsior , and this one is a bad flip too materials wise with no garage


In the old days flips in the Sunset were called Broadmore specials…The old time Irish builders would buy whatever was on sale at Broadmore lumber and slap lipstick on a pig…I guess Chinese contractors have now taken over…Hope they are building with better taste. . I gave one Irish builder, Tommy Kennedy,
grief…I said there is no wood in Ireland…So how did you learn woood framing…He said He learned in Canada. .I asked how long were you in Canada…He said 2 weeks…He built a building for us that was 4" our of plumb on Arguello and California. …Sorry but SF construction quality has been notoriously bad forever


that’s prime beef there, not hamburger…


Sorry but SF construction quality has been suspect long before the Millennium tower


Yeah, and Cindy Crawford has a mole…


Close to 1k/sq ft…


Ok, 356K over asking!!!


Victorian fixer goes for 875K, 276K over asking!!!