The Excelsior Rocking The Overbids!


Ok, no more putting overbids under a “Too Cheap” thread…

Ok, let’s start off with this winner, listed at a lucky Chinese $888K, sells at a lucky Chinese $1,200,888. Come on, only a Chinese buyer would do this, right??? A nice 312,888 over asking!!!


The buyer woukd have been a lot luckier at $888 k


When I sell off one or more of my properties I will probably make the sale price have a ton of 8s just to mess with you cats. The buyer will be wondering WTF??? Just another crazy, senile, superstitious chinese man again…


I like how Excelsior has all those European street names. Madrid, Paris, London… there is even Moscow street. Perfect for Trump!


You’re a scholarly fellow…you might also like the streets with the prestigious universities (hmm, I wonder if comparable homes on Harvard sell for more than ones on Amherst?)


Wow, crummy address number and essentially an original home selling for the first time in 70 years costs you nearly 1M in the Excelsior…


When has excelsior become “hot” and why are fixers there selling for a million?

Bubble, bubble, bubble


I noticed it when I was looking a few years ago when I put in my 1 and only actual bid on something and lost (knowing my offer was not over asking enough). This was the first time I ever actually joined the masses by placing a bid. All my places have been closed, private deals. Man, a nice, Marina style barrel front, huge home with a huge garage that would fit at least 4 cars in addition to an inlaw. Received double digit bids and was like 900k+ if I recall even back then. I knew then that the Excelsior was flaming hot for the right properties but now this??? This one has to be essentially gutted to the studs and redone. And I don’t doubt that it will be done nicely.


I have a couple friends who feel priced out of many sizzling neighborhoods (e.g. Bernal, Sunset) and are starting to look at the Excelsior. Some say bubble. I say way more qualified buyers than houses to buy in the city.


Sunset, I am comin’ for you!!! How about 505K, a HALF MILLION DOLLARS, over asking…in the Excelsior!!! (Yes, nice big house…)


Since when has excelsior become “trendy”??? Ok, laugh at me all you want, but I like to be old fashioned…


Any neighborhood/city becomes “trendy” when the area is just at that tipping stage of gentrifying and home prices are starting to go up rapidly or investors are starting to pick at the area in spots. Oakland, same deal, trendy. The Mission, same deal, once a great moon ago. We can pretty much add Excelsior to the 1M high club now. Next, Bayview…let’s call it Manch Country! Yeah, Manch Country…


Hahaha… rofl…


I will go with your thoughts, until denied, it is Manch Country… (or one of us determines clearly that Bayview is NOT Manch Country). Ok, @harriet, want to earn a lunch (I can’t afford a dinner) at Dragon Beaux? Get your detective hat on!!!


Just ate at DB the other day…gonna starve to death if I have to wait for you to pick up the check…


Why don’t you guys just split 50/50. This is America not China.


Ok, 360K over asking to 1.455M!!!


Lower than I expected for this one


Come on, Excelsior??? I know…


Wow, 1.5M in excelsior. I’m speechless… :slight_smile: