The Fab 7x7

Man, it was only 8% nine years ago…

Thanks Alex (Coldwell Banker realtor/friend) for pointing me to that lil house in the Sunset in the early 2000s… “Yeah, go drive by there and check it out, it’s NOT on the open market and yours if you want it”… (Golden words of wisdom, Sir!!!)… Don’t worry, I got you on the backend when I sell…

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Only in the Fab 7x7 could something like this be offered for 1.4M and marketed as “an opportunity of a lifetime” and be taken seriously

It a cliff side for million? Only if I get mineral rights

There’s gold, I tell ya, in them hills…

Come on, which would you pick?


Would you rather be here right now or experiencing that Nor’ester???

Holy Smokes!!! Uh, that is a nice overbid baby…

Looks like the Fab 7x7 and San Ho dodged a bullet on this one…

Plenty of activities in the Fab 7x7 folks for ya…plenty

Ok, the new number for developers in the Fab 7x7 is now 18%. Probably still too high and close to Jane Kim version when density bonus of 5% is presumably taken.

I like this quote:

“If you raise the fee too high, we will lose affordable units,” Laura Clark, of the pro-housing group YIMBY Action. “Twenty-three or 24 percent of zero is still zero.”

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Interesting note there at the bottom: views aren’t protected in San Francisco, esp when it comes to lot-line windows (but access to light and air are).

Wow, a sweet private sale in the Fab 7x7… the smell of money (Ok, done deal. Will you take a check?)

Impressive, which means a 10 min walk from every home to a homeless camp…

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Parks serve the same purpose in Seattle. Oh the irony of the “drug free zone” sign that says drug penalties are doubled due to the park’s presence in the area. They want to keep drugs away from kids that might use the park. There’s more drug use in the park than anywhere else.

Congrats, SF homeowners!!!

Wonder if true from comments…$38M Hong Kong buyer

Given that HK, Shanghai and Beijing RE investors are the most aggressive, likely true :grin:

Sure, century plus old cottage for 4.5M…why not???

The stairs make me dizzy…