The Fab 7x7


It’s the City trying to milk every red cent out of us by using the old supply and demand excuse. The problem is the demand is insatiable at all hours in certain hot spots and the supply is not exactly robust so what happens when you add all the rich people that are here or visiting? Cha-ching for the city’s coffers!!! I guess I shouldn’t complain, at least we have free Sunday parking back now (most non tourist places).


Do your civic duty . Cut down parking meters ala Cool hand Luke… lol



Yeah, yeah, the soil is fine for people to live there…


Come on, they can also be used to move homeless/loitering people along!!!


To be fair, not everyone loves the Fab 7x7…



Uh oh… she promised to fight for rent control which is something personal rather than just politics., :wink:


I must say though, she has come a long way and I respect her. I view her as a moderate more so than a progressive.





That’s why we need to gentrify the city even more.


If we just don’t water down the laws to the point of a hand slap if caught, we would have been ok. How come legislative leaders are so clueless as to the impacts of laws? Come on, you make laws stronger to disincentivize the idiots from doing it, not make it easier. Extreme, but imagine if the law were that if you are caught breaking into cars, your right hand is amputated. What happens? Auto glass repair companies go out of business…


I always park my car inside a garage…


California lost a supreme court case on prison over crowding. California would have to build more prisons, and CA spends $80k/yr per prisoner in the system. The state would go bankrupt putting all those people in prison. That’s why “non-violent” offenders get out early or get no prison time at all. It’s only going to get worse as fewer and fewer crimes will require prison time. Criminals will get more and more control over the streets. Consequences are being removed, so there will be more crime. Then people in CA don’t think law abiding citizens need guns.


No need to build more prison, just enforce more death penalty…


When was the last time CA executed someone? It takes YEARS to exhaust all the appeals, so you need to keep them in prison for years.


We can also pile up death row inmates in cages like pigeons in the zoo to save space…


The supreme court would disagree with you. You’re starting to sound like someone from Texas :slight_smile: