The Fabulous 7x7


Shoot, the pricing made me dizzy already…



"Prices in San Francisco increased 5% in April, making the Bay Area one of the slowest growing markets in the U.S. "

Yeah, the sky is falling. Then the point to lower sales volume as weakness. That’s a pretty useless piece of info. Average DOM is far more useful to determine if things are slowing or not.





Wow, Planning actually voted to allow the reopening of this longtime restaurant up in Telegraph Hill that I have to admit I never ever went to living here in the city. Yeah, it was more of tourist spot but I am sure the view from that vantage point is awesome. A cool place to have a drink. Sorry, neighbors, as the commissioners said, this is A CITY, not a suburb!!! Love it… Besides, with Uber these days, smart people aren’t going to be driving up there since there is hardly any street parking.



Boston apparently drank the BART Kool-Aid (see fake cameras on trains…)





Instead of always implementing reactive (and usually useless) measures, how about being proactive for once and restoring car break-ins as felonies and not the lesser misdemeanor charge??? God, our leaders are soooo stupid. Of course, break-ins will increase if the punishment is a slap on the wrist. Idiots!!!

Imagine, if you set a policy that your right hand will be chopped off if you are caught breaking into cars. Done. Will we see anymore car break-ins???


Yeah, but that doesn’t fit with the master plan of decriminalizing more and more things. There are a lot of people that want to do away with jails except for crimes when a person is physically harmed. The left is leading that charge and SF is about as left as you can get. You have the whole anti-prison industrial complex crowd. They think you can solve crime with hugs. Their movement is gaining traction since prison demographics appear to make the whole system racist. Of course, they are only telling part of the story. If you look at prison population based on crime reports that list race of the suspect, then it’s not racist at all.




Yes, we know by this recent listing…



Cha-ching, @wuqijun!!! (Yeah, sounds like the Fab 7x7 is hurting and is not sustainable…yeah, right!!!)


Interesting… all the single race groups declined and the mixed race goes way up. That means more interracial marriage resulted in mixed race kids… if I had to guess, most of them have white dad and Asian mom… :rofl: