The Fabulous 7x7


Nothing new really…we have been renting our units to young people for eons now where the living rooms are used as bedrooms. Save money!!!



Another win for you @sfdragonboy


Will people vote for it though? To be determined…


Bay Area residents never seen a tax they didn’t like. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

My BART fare went up this year… sigh…


Sorry man…granted it is a “shared” responsibility perhaps with Muni but the Embarcadero station escalator that I have been crying about and was supposed to be finished by 12/31/17 (posted sign) is still out of commission. Come on, 6-9 months for a one floor flight of escalator??? Unbelievable…


Everyone who doesn’t use the bridges will vote for it.


Geez, then we really will become New York West…


The toll is collected Both ways. Highway robbery…


Um… my bank just collected $60 from me for doing 3 wire transfers. One of them is transferring to another department within the bank itself!!! Bank robbery!!! :rage:


Where does all the toll money go?


Into the wallets of bureaucrats… :rofl:


Trying to answer your ? @marcus335 with some data (not yet) but found interesting sidebar but related…



I wonder how much is due to projects always going 3x or more over budget. I wonder if the bay bridge stuck to the $1B budget if they’d have to increase tolls.


(Granted Upstate NY, if that matters or not) Hmm, sound familiar @marcus335???

I hear the BART janitor applied for one of these jobs back there, but he said it was too hard work…:laughing:


Toll collector earned $100k but the bureaucrat earned twice that amount sitting in his well air conditioned office with private bathroom… :rofl:


I think we are honestly screwed on infrastructure. It’s just too expensive to build today. Look at how short the bay bridge is and it was $6.4B vs. budget of $1.0B. We should have been able to build 6 of those bridges for what we spent on one. Even if you adjust for inflation, construction costs are much higher than 50 years ago. That’s insane given all the modern technology we have to build things. It’s going to prevent the US from doing all the updates needed, and we’ll fall behind countries like China who building everything new today.


Yes, let’s not mention our lil Central Subway which is what maybe a mile ore so…


I Blame osha, epa, unions, tariffs, traffic. Nimbyies environmental nazies… Things are different from the good old days…