The Friendship That Made Google Huge

Good read. Dean and Ghemawat together invented MapReduce that revolutionized data centers. Did not know they literally programmed together with a single keyboard and monitor.


Very interesting article. Thanks for that. What would also interest me is what you think about Google, and whether or how you use it. What many people know…Google is much more than just a small and simple search field. Of course the search engine is still a core business. Almost all search queries are now made via Google, and even the verb “google” has already been included in the dictionary as a synonym for searching the Internet via Google hehe :smiley: Even if the operators try to fight against it, this “googling” has long since become a general term for a search on the internet… meanwhile there are already so many different services from Google. But it’s good that there’s actually no competition on the market anymore. Do we also have to worry as Google gets to know us always better?

Competition always comes, but may not in the form of a direct frontal attack. Search is done for. It will be Google’s forever. Just like the desktop OS market will always belong to Microsoft. But the importance of this dominance will diminish over time as new disruptions come about.

I think Google’s biggest problem is its half hearted way in developing any new product outside of search.